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    When you want to modify an attribute in all the formulas you are going to write, just follow the procedure described in Faq/Math/008. If you want to change "after the fact", you have to reopen all the formulas and make the modifications. If the number of formulas is large, this can quickly become tedious.

    This script selects embedded formula objects[1] in the document, and updates intended formula properties[2]. This macro solves the issue i#5092.


    With LibreOffice Basic:

    Option Explicit
    Sub ChangeFormulasSizeAndFont()
        '''Change the size or font of all Math formulas in document'''
        Dim embeddedObjects As Object '
        Dim elementNames() As String ' Name array
        Dim element As Object '
        Dim realElem As Object '
        embeddedObjects = ThisComponent.getEmbeddedObjects() '
        elementNames = embeddedObjects.getElementNames() ' name array
        For i = 0 To UBound(elementNames)
            element = embeddedObjects.getByName(elementNames(i)).Model
            If (not isNull(element)) Then
                With element '
                If .supportsService("") Then
                    ' Force the update
                    realElem = embeddedObjects.getByName(elementNames(i)).EmbeddedObject
                    realElem.updateMode =
                    .BaseFontHeight = 14
                    .FontNameVariables = "Arial"
                    .FontNameFunctions = "Arial"
                    .FontNameNumbers = "Arial"
                    .FontNameText = "Arial"
                End If
                End With ' element As
           End If
         Next i
    End Sub ' ChangeFormulasSizeAndFont

    With Python:

    # coding: utf-8
    from __future__ import unicode_literals
    import uno
    # from import OfficeDocument
    class UIFormulaCollection():
        """ Current document formulae collection """
        def __init__(self):
            """ Grab current doc in UI by default """
            # ctx = uno.getComponentContext()  # GetDefaultContext
            # smgr = ctx.getServiceManager()  # GetProcessServiceManager
            # desktop =  smgr.createInstanceWithContext(FRAME_DESKTOP, ctx)  # StarDesktop
            # self.doc = desktop.CurrentComponent  # ThisComponent
            self.doc = XSCRIPTCONTEXT.getDocument()
            self.objects = self.doc.EmbeddedObjects
            self.names = self.objects.getElementNames()
        def reformat(self, fontHeight=None, font=None):
            """ add as many properties as desired """
            for name in self.names:
                element = self.objects.getByName(name).Model
                if element.supportsService(FORMULA_PROPERTIES):
                    if font:
                        element.FontNameFunctions = font
                        element.FontNameText = font
                        element.FontNameNumbers = font
                        element.FontNameVariables = font
                    if fontHeight:
                        element.BaseFontHeight = fontHeight
    def reformatAllFormulas():
        ui = UIFormulaCollection()
        ui.reformat(font="Arial", fontHeight=14)
    g_exportedScripts = reformatAllFormulas,

    ODT files to test macro

    Pick up any LibreOffice published Math guide for testing purpose.


    • Consult API documentation about FormulaProperties to explore other properties that can be altered.
    1. See the API documentation for and services
    2. See the API documentation for service