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    PDF Export filter data

    The following tables contain the properties available in the PDF export filter implementation. The tables follow the order of the PDF Export dialog tab pages, so that you can easily understand their meaning just comparing them with this dialog.


    Property Name Description Type (UNO IDL) Default value
    PageRange If this property is set, it indicates the range of pages to be printed. If you want to print all the pages, leave this property unset. If you want to export a selection, leave this property unset, setting only the property Selection. string empty (all pages are printed)
    Selection An any corresponding to the current selection in the document. any
    UseLosslessCompression Specifies if graphics are exported to PDF using a lossless compression eg. PNG or if they are compressed using the JPEG format. boolean false
    Quality Specifies quality of the JPG export. A higher value results in higher quality and file.

    Minimum inclusive value: 1. Represents lowest value that can be used. The lower the value, the less good is the compression quality and the smaller is the file size.

    Maximum inclusive value:100. Represents highest value that can be used. The higher the value, the better is the compression quality and the bigger is the file size.

    long 90
    ReduceImageResolution If the property ReduceImageResolution is set to true all images will be reduced to the given value in DPI.

    Possible values:

    • 75
    • 150
    • 300
    • 600
    • 1200
    long 300
    Watermark Specifies the text for a watermark to be drawn on every page of the exported PDF file. string empty
    IsAddStream Specifies that a stream is inserted to the PDF file which contains the original document for archiving purposes. boolean false
    SelectPdfVersion Specifies the version of PDF to emit. Possible values:
    • 0 = PDF 1.5
    • 1 = PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1:2005)
    • 2 = PDF/A-2 (ISO 19005-2:2011)
    • 16 = PDF 1.6
    long 0
    UseTaggedPDF Determines if PDF are created by using special tags also known as Tagged PDF. boolean false
    ExportFormFields Specifies whether form fields are exported as widgets or only their fixed print representation is exported. boolean true
    FormsType Specifies the submitted format of a PDF form. Possible values:
    • 0 = Specifies that forms type FDF is used.
    • 1 = Specifies that forms type PDF is used.
    • 2 = Specifies that forms type HTML is used.
    • 3 = Specifies that forms type XML is used.
    long 0
    AllowDuplicateFieldNames Specifies whether multiple form fields exported are allowed to have the same field name. boolean false
    ExportBookmarks Specifies if bookmarks are exported to PDF. boolean true
    ExportPlaceholders Specifies if placeholder fields are exported to PDF. boolean false
    ExportNotes Specifies if notes are exported to PDF (as PDF annotations). boolean false
    ExportNotesInMargin Specifies if comments are exported to PDF (in page margin). Since LibreOffice 7.5. boolean false
    ExportNotesPages Specifies if notes pages are exported to PDF. (Notes pages are available in Impress documents only). boolean false
    ExportOnlyNotesPages Specifies if only notes pages (i.e., not slides) are exported to PDF. (Notes pages are available in Impress documents only). boolean false
    ExportHiddenSlides Specifies if hidden slides are exported to PDF. (Hidden slides are available in Impress documents only). boolean false
    IsSkipEmptyPages Specifies that automatically inserted empty pages are suppressed. This option is active only if storing Writer documents. boolean false
    ViewPDFAfterExport Specifies if PDF automatically opens after export. boolean false

    For Validation

    It's necessary to validate, if these options are activated.

    Property Name Description Type (UNO IDL) Default value
    EmbedStandardFonts Specifies whether to embed the 14 standard PDF fonts or not. boolean false