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The following macros can be used with LibreOffice Writer:

Write data

No. Example Basic Python JavaScript
001 Insert a string in the cursor position Go Go ToDo
002 Insert a image in current cursor position Go Go ToDo
LibreOffice Basic Python JavaScript
Macro for mail merging with a SQLdatabase n/a n/a
Macro for inserting comments with preset settings n/a n/a
Macro for pasting unformatted text, skipping line breaks and styles n/a n/a
Macro for updating indices (like TOC) n/a n/a
Macro for identifying text between two boundary strings n/a n/a

Table manipulation

LibreOffice Basic Python JavaScript
Comment gérer les bordures d'un tableau ? n/a n/a
Macro for sorting alphabetically table columns, ascending or descending n/a n/a
Macro for conversion of text to table n/a n/a
Macro for identifying DDE-linked tables n/a n/a


Macros for Math may be used as Writer documents may contain formulas.

LibreOffice Basic

Refer to LibreOffice Basic Help for using Basic as a macro language.


Refer to Python Scripts Help for an introduction to Python as a macro language.


Refer to JavaScript macros - xlated from japanese - for an introduction to JavaScript as a macro language.