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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    Either the page is no longer relevant or consensus on its purpose has become unclear. To revive discussion, seek broader input via a forum such as one of our mailing lists.

    This page exists to serve as a roster/list for Temporary Storage for Big Files that won't fit in Bugzilla with the current 10MB limit.

    What goes here?

    Any file that's too big for Bugzilla (>= 10MB) and small enough to fit on the wiki (< 25 MB).

    What doesn't go here?

    Any file not related to a bug report

    The Process

    • Get your file(s) ready. If you have multiple files, or a file with an extension not on the Permitted file types list, put them in a zip file.
    • Make sure the name of your file matches this format:

    For example, here are some well-formatted filenames:

    • Upload your file and add a row to the table below (follow the format, please!)
    • Link to your file from a comment on the bug report, for example:
     BIG ATTACHMENT stored on the wiki: File:Error

    The Files

    Bug ID File Comments
    tdf#68333 File:Error
    tdf#34093 RESOLVED FIXED
    tdf#36631 CLOSED FIXED
    tdf#38273 NEEDINFO
    tdf#38175 File:Images RESOLVED FIXED
    tdf#40394 File:Myresults.odp NEW
    tdf#35023 File:Bug 35023 strace.log.7z
    tdf#50653 File:German.txt.7z RESOLVED WORKSFORME
    tdf#50868 File:50868 Testkit RESOLVED FIXED
    tdf#98710 File:98710 testdoc NEW