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This page exists to serve as a roster/list for Temporary Storage for Big Files that won't fit in Bugzilla with the current 10MB limit.

What goes here?

Any file that's too big for Bugzilla (>= 10MB) and small enough to fit on the wiki (< 25 MB).

What doesn't go here?

Any file not related to a bug report

The Process

  • Get your file(s) ready. If you have multiple files, or a file with an extension not on the Permitted file types list, put them in a zip file.
  • Make sure the name of your file matches this format:

For example, here are some well-formatted filenames:

  • Upload your file and add a row to the table below (follow the format, please!)
  • Link to your file from a comment on the bug report, for example:
 BIG ATTACHMENT stored on the wiki: File:Error

The Files

Bug ID File Comments
tdf#68333 File:Error
tdf#36631 CLOSED FIXED
tdf#38273 NEEDINFO
tdf#38175 File:Images RESOLVED FIXED
tdf#40394 File:Myresults.odp NEW
tdf#35023 File:Bug 35023 strace.log.7z
tdf#50653 File:German.txt.7z RESOLVED WORKSFORME
tdf#50868 File:50868 Testkit RESOLVED FIXED
tdf#98710 File:98710 testdoc NEW