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Some settings in LibreOffice are not stored in the user configuration (registrymodifications.xcu), but in a system registry. On Linux this might be DConf, on Windows it's the Windows registry.

In some cases it might be helpful to disable the system configuration. This article describes how to do that.


The list of configuration layers is stored in a file named fundamentalrc (fundamental.ini on Windows). It's located in the program folder in the LibreOffice installation. For example, on Ubuntu this might be /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/fundamentalrc, while on Windows it could be C:\Programs\LibreOffice\program\fundamental.ini.

The relevant property is named CONFIGURATION_LAYERS. It contains a list (separated by :) of registry configurations.

The configuration layers are read from left to right, meaning that the last instance in the list can override all others. See also [1] for more information on this topic.

Disabling system registry


Please backup the file before you make changes to it


To disable dconf, remove the dconf key from the CONFIGURATION_LAYERS list.


To disable the Windows registry, look for the keys winreg:LOCAL_MACHINE and winreg:CURRENT_USER. The former is a system-wide registry configuration while the latter is one bound to the current user.