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Next Meeting/Upcoming Meetings

QA conference calls take place bi-weekly, however we do not follow as strict a schedule as other teams such as the BoD and do ocassionally reschedule the time or date based on the schedules of our QA/Team members.

Please see the current year's wiki page for the Date and Agenda of the next scheduled Meeting:

What happens in QA Meetings?

Discussions about QA take place on public mailing lists, specifically the QA mailing list.

Every two weeks we host a open conference call on the phone and IRC to discuss ongoing topics and recent activities. The conference calls are open for everyone to join, following our approach to transparency and openness.

See #QA Calls below.

How to prepare yourself for a QA Meeting

  • Most topics we will discuss have been raised on the QA mailing list already. Please have a look at them, to stay up to date on recent activities.
  • Join our IRC channel #libreoffice-qa connect via webchat during the call, so in case we post links or texts, you are in the loop.
  • Open up our QA Etherpad to follow the agenda (feel free to fix typos in this collaborative editor!)

QA Calls

Nearly all QA Meetings are organized as bi-weekly conference calls.

We currently use the Talkyoo phone conference system. For information on how to join a phone conference, please reference the Talkyoo wiki page. You'll want to remember our room code:


Note for participants - if noone with credentials to administer the conference room is available, please ping one of the friendly TDF admins on the #tdf-infra connect via webchat irc channel.

We often have a Google Hangout connected via a phone bridge to the conference call. This is done informally, and may not be available on every QA Call (but could become formal in the future). You may also connect directly to Talkyoo using Google Hangout (see the Talkyoo page for more details).


  • Minutes are taken by the Secretary (who may be the same person as the Chair)
  • Minutes should include
    • The Chair (the person who lead the meeting)
    • The Secretary (the person who took minutes)
    • Who was present (Full name + any official role/title)
    • A summary of the meeting
    • TODO: (What else should we include in minutes?)
  • Minutes are inserted (above? below?) the corresponding agenda on the wiki page and a copy of them is emailed to the QA mailing list

(from the BoD notes: "A name in brackets shows who added an item, not who is in charge")

Meeting Agenda

The current Meeting Agenda is short and sweet:

  1. Pending Action Items
  2. New Action Items

Cheat Sheet for Running the Meeting

Here's a quick cheat-sheet for the [C]hair and [S]ecretary to run a QA Conference Call or other type of QA Meeting.

Start the Meeting

  1. [C][S] Say Hello
    1. [S] Note the start time of the meeting
    2. [S] Get a list of who is present at the meeting
  2. Housekeeping
    1. [C] Have the minutes from the previous meeting been added to the wiki already?
    2. [C] Have the minutes from the previous meeting been sent to the QA mailing list already?
    3. [C] Have we updated the wiki pages based on any decisions made at the last meeting?

Address the Agenda Items

  1. [C] Pending Action Items
  2. [C] New Action Items

End the Meeting

  1. [C or S] Remind everyone about the next scheduled meeting if it will not be at the regular time/day/place
  2. [S] Double-check the list of those present
  3. [C][S] Say Goodbye/End the meeting
  4. [S] Note the end time of the meeting

Post-Meeting Work

  • [S] Format the minutes
  • [S] Add the minutes to the wiki
  • [S] Add the Next Meeting to the wiki (Date/Time + Agenda), unless this has already been completed
  • [S] Send the minutes to the QA mailing list
  • [S] Update any other wiki pages per decisions made at the meeting

Meetings by Year

Minutes and Agendas from our meetings are arranged by year:

Planning For A New Meeting

You'll want to start with the template:

If the meeting won't be at the regularly scheduled time (check the EventsCalendar to see what is currently scheduled), please ping User:Marcpare or the Marketing/Mailing List to make sure the Calendar is properly updated.