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196 enhancements have 10 or more people in the CC list. (sorted in alphabetical order by number of users)

Id Summary Component OS Version Reported Total CC
#tdf50916 Allow more than 1024 columns in calc Calc All Inherited From OOo 2012-06-09 09:30:46 60
#tdf31481 [RFE] Split pane in same window for side-by-side proof reading/ translating of 2 different files Writer All Inherited From OOo 2010-11-08 16:35:16 51
#tdf37134 Tabbed UI: Document-per-tab (similar to Firefox, Opera, gedit) MDI UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-12 05:19:23 37
#tdf68274 provide better update mechanism -- Mozilla ARchive (mar) based incrementals Installation All Inherited From OOo 2013-08-19 13:10:46 37
#tdf34355 Option to show track changes in margin is missing Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-16 11:40:39 35
#tdf76258 Filter by Colours in LibreOffice Calc - Enchancement Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-03-17 11:04:41 34
#tdf49787 Formatting: Allow different slide / page styles (orientation, size) in a single Drawing document Draw All Inherited From OOo 2012-05-11 03:59:36 33
#tdf103322 Use floating point for glyph positioning in VCL graphics stack All Inherited From OOo 2016-10-18 22:52:47 31
#tdf34391 FORMATTING: Implementing Table Styles Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-17 06:04:58 31
#tdf34438 [feature request, FORMATTING] group selection does not work with raster images Writer All 3.4.0 release 2011-02-18 04:07:32 31
#tdf51733 Update icons for high-resolution HiDPI / Retina display UI All unspecified 2012-07-04 15:40:52 31
#tdf46448 Allow custom locale settings for decimal separator, group separator, default date and time formats Localization All Inherited From OOo 2012-02-22 05:45:09 30
#tdf45705 Cant assign shortcuts to "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" commands LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2012-02-06 07:48:20 29
#tdf35361 [feature request: macOS] Support Apple Quick Look plugin LibreOffice Mac OS X (All) Inherited From OOo 2011-03-16 09:36:50 28
#tdf36117 EDITING Page formatting doesn't support vertical alignment (top/center/bottom) of content (without frame/table workarounds) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-04-10 09:17:58 28
#tdf91874 A Search by function or keyword over main menu-- similar to SpotLight, Tell Me, or Ubuntu's HUD but native for LO GUI UI All unspecified 2015-06-05 11:07:44 28
#tdf115439 High DPI mode: SVG icons should be preferred over PNG versions when available LibreOffice All release 2018-02-04 13:08:45 26
#tdf37932 Support for Editing and Creation of SmartArt Draw All unspecified 2011-06-04 15:19:42 26
#tdf50699 Template Changer: Allow ability to change a document's associated template LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2012-06-04 14:17:52 25
#tdf77590 Make LO's Start Center thumbnail views available for use from within components LibreOffice All release 2014-04-17 19:31:39 25
#tdf101646 UI option "Scaling" was removed UI All 2016-08-21 20:56:50 24
#tdf41316 Page styles should support hierarchical parent-child relationships (like paragraph or character styles) Writer All unspecified 2011-09-28 23:23:44 24
#tdf34002 EDITING - Add Reveal Codes feature like there is in WordPerfect. Writer All unspecified 2011-02-07 12:42:47 23
#tdf34133 Add option (+settings?) to compress and resize images: automatically either on insertion of an image or on save, and via a separate menu entry for all images LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-10 06:44:03 23
#tdf56696 No option to make recent documents list show items for just the currently active LibO module UI All unspecified 2012-11-02 20:29:06 23
#tdf33603 Presenter notes should be available in normal view as a scrolling pane Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-01-27 09:23:36 22
#tdf118320 Add support for Windows 10 dark mode UI Windows (All) Inherited From OOo 2018-06-22 12:51:45 21
#tdf33201 UI: Highlight (not select) current row and column in spreadsheet Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-01-17 02:33:45 21
#tdf37048 Document content instant preview (aka "Live Preview") LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-09 20:07:23 21
#tdf39936 UI: Right Click on Row/Column -> Insert Copied Cells... (paste + shift cells in one click) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-08-08 10:13:29 21
#tdf61594 FILEOPEN:docx with multi-page floating table (workaround from MS Office: Table Properties - set Text Wrapping to None) Writer All beta1 2013-02-28 09:10:54 21
#tdf44448 Option to auto-update Table of Contents, or question offered to do so at printing, is desirable Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-01-04 03:00:24 20
#tdf62032 Cannot specify a Paragraph Style to use a numbering level (over 1) for a chosen Numbering (List) style Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-03-08 17:41:29 20
#tdf38159 Better full text justification with auto character scaling and paragraph level adjustment Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-10 08:59:30 19
#tdf62437 OneDrive Integration Request LibreOffice All unspecified 2013-03-17 14:15:53 19
#tdf62925 FORMATTING: enhancement: please add "chart styles" to the styles of Calc Chart All Inherited From OOo 2013-03-30 05:46:54 19
#tdf67464 Request for built-in EPS rendering ... graphics stack All rc 2013-07-29 09:51:31 19
#tdf32506 Find & Replace for Base Base All Inherited From OOo 2010-12-19 04:38:23 18
#tdf33743 Add "Basic Fonts" option to Calc, Impress, and Draw LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2011-01-31 00:47:37 18
#tdf34959 Export/convert presentation to video Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-03-02 22:42:53 18
#tdf36466 Add option to Select Visible Cells Only (to be copied from or copied to) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-04-21 09:27:13 18
#tdf38370 [FILEOPEN] LibreOffice Impress do not allow open password-protected PowerPoint presentations in "read-only" mode Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-16 05:48:48 18
#tdf47295 Default paragraph style should be "Text body" and not "Default" Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-03-13 16:46:28 18
#tdf58349 Turn Border button into a split button and remember recent border style LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2012-12-15 22:40:40 18
#tdf65046 Threaded calculation of formula groups (multi-threading) LibreOffice Linux (All) Inherited From OOo 2013-05-27 17:11:41 18
#tdf102249 VIEWING: Add View-> Non-printing Characters for Text box objects in all modules LibreOffice All release 2016-09-17 23:02:07 17
#tdf104403 Support multi-colored fonts using COLR/CPAL tables graphics stack All unspecified 2016-12-05 06:09:43 17
#tdf32249 When importing PDF with text in it , it will be better to have a easy and fluent option to edit the imported Text LibreOffice All 3.3.0 RC1 2010-12-08 22:51:29 17
#tdf33223 Sidebar: as container for toolbars, ability to add functions missing from Sidebar UI All 2011-01-17 21:49:36 17
#tdf34689 UI scroll problem: Cell with dimensions exceeding screen dimensions impossible to work with Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-24 19:10:33 17
#tdf34697 Print Current Page in Print dialog - Calc [Writer, Draw, Impress are finished] Calc All 3.3.1 release 2011-02-24 22:39:35 17
#tdf37967 VIEWING: Option like "MS WORD's normal view" needed Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-05 23:51:32 17
#tdf51609 UI: pasting several images from web, should bring up choice to embed them (by default) - for single image, Paste special allows to do this framework All Inherited From OOo 2012-06-30 20:26:35 17
#tdf33827 Implement styles for formulae Formula Editor All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-01 15:42:42 16
#tdf35287 feature request: smooth scroll Calc All release 2011-03-14 02:31:21 16
#tdf38742 Pushpins/Favourites in recent menu and start center UI All unspecified 2011-06-28 03:23:16 16
#tdf41007 EDITING: Insert image dialog should allow to select multiple images UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-09-19 07:54:26 16
#tdf46988 VIEWING: Screen jumps when scrolling down with arrow keys, refactor Smooth Scroll function Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-03-05 19:05:01 16
#tdf54990 Feature request: Ability to create line hops/jumps for crossing lines Draw All Inherited From OOo 2012-09-16 17:41:41 16
#tdf85976 Feature Request - Add "Remove Duplicates" button to LibreOffice / filtering showing duplicates is too complicated Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-11-06 17:31:54 16
#tdf89369 Add support for drawing styles (shapes and textboxes) to Writer and Calc UI All Inherited From OOo 2015-02-13 20:50:55 16
#tdf96872 Make it more obvious that a font has been substituted (see comment 12) LibreOffice All release 2016-01-03 12:50:43 16
#tdf115512 Client-side window decorations (remove titlebar from UI when running GNOME with some toolbar view modes) UI All unspecified 2018-02-07 11:59:35 15
#tdf33962 Add feature that replaces numbers and dates, formatted as text, with real numbers (formerly: Add CT2N Extension) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-06 03:31:10 15
#tdf35563 FORMATTING: Add text wrapping around images Impress All 3.4 all versions 2011-03-22 12:54:57 15
#tdf37336 add an "Apply" button in several dialog boxes UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-18 15:23:51 15
#tdf37654 UI Slide names no longer visible in Slide Pane / Page Pane Draw All 3.4.0 RC1 2011-05-26 23:40:45 15
#tdf90497 Implementing document themes UI All Master 2015-04-07 13:27:34 15
#tdf99296 Calc: Disable headers/footers by default Calc All Inherited From OOo 2016-04-14 13:44:49 15
#tdf106556 Add functionality that highlights all directly formatted text Writer All 2017-03-15 18:49:03 14
#tdf117463 Create a Dialog that shows up on first boot of Writer/Calc/Impress for the user to pick its default UI UI All 2018-05-06 19:07:37 14
#tdf135501 Change the default UI UI All Master 2020-08-06 14:35:35 14
#tdf33495 Minimizing the presenter screen while presentation is active (UI) Impress Windows (All) unspecified 2011-01-25 12:20:02 14
#tdf33538 Unable to open any password-protected PPT or PPS (PPTX and PPSX work) Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-01-26 09:55:41 14
#tdf34804 EDITING: Keyboard shortcut for Format-Highlighting does not work Writer Windows (All) release 2011-02-27 12:03:54 14
#tdf34965 Make Impress slides editable during presentation Impress All unspecified 2011-03-03 02:59:53 14
#tdf40227 Create new files from the command line LibreOffice All release 2011-08-19 04:02:40 14
#tdf42437 Enable the special macOS functionality for special caracter input (éñ etc.) UI Mac OS X (All) 3.4.3 release 2011-10-31 08:14:12 14
#tdf51665 Support diagonal borders in TABLEs Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-07-02 13:24:17 14
#tdf58685 Add *option* for proposing a file name based on the content of the document on first save (comment 13 for suggested sources in priority order) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-12-23 16:39:11 14
#tdf71176 Key combinations to easily insert accented Latin characters LibreOffice Windows (All) release 2013-11-03 01:19:40 14
#tdf72662 Use Different Measurement Units for Line vs Page Properties (e.g. point vs inch) UI All Inherited From OOo 2013-12-13 05:27:32 14
#tdf74934 'Install' button in update dialog is never activated LibreOffice All release 2014-02-13 15:10:22 14
#tdf85677 Dragging on a Windows touchscreen highlights instead of scrolling UI All Inherited From OOo 2014-10-31 03:41:52 14
#tdf102002 Redesign of the Load Styles dialog LibreOffice All 2016-09-08 23:57:31 13
#tdf103596 Support OpenType Font Variation based text layout LibreOffice All unspecified 2016-10-31 05:38:01 13
#tdf105762 Implement WIA based scanner support for LO Windows builds LibreOffice Windows (All) release 2017-02-05 08:55:33 13
#tdf114395 [Math] Reorganize four dialogues from menu Format in to one dialogue Formula Editor All 2017-12-10 21:15:02 13
#tdf115052 Allow other keys than from US keyboard as shortcut keys LibreOffice All release 2018-01-16 20:01:57 13
#tdf125931 Implement the Sidebar in Math formula editor, with decks for format options and Greek and special symbols Formula Editor All 2019-06-14 19:47:51 13
#tdf36574 [FORMATTING] Can't make default Writer bullet types locale dependent (french bullets / dash bullets) Localization All Inherited From OOo 2011-04-25 03:18:18 13
#tdf38261 Better Find&Replace with regular expressions LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-13 09:41:32 13
#tdf39052 FORMATTING single characters in titles, axis titles and other labels in charts is not possible Chart All Inherited From OOo 2011-07-07 16:07:33 13
#tdf40163 Export to PDF with size based on bounding box of selected objects Printing and PDF export All Inherited From OOo 2011-08-17 05:21:41 13
#tdf45498 PDF export should support Document Type selection (Slides, Handouts, Notes Slides, Notes, Outline) similar to Print Impress All Inherited From OOo 2012-02-01 05:30:08 13
#tdf60232 Allow BIBLIOGRAPHY to be updated directly from the bibliography database Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-02-03 14:28:23 13
#tdf61134 Font substitute name should appear in the font name combobox and in its tooltip UI All release 2013-02-19 20:06:09 13
#tdf61242 Customise comments background color in Writer Writer Linux (All) unspecified 2013-02-21 17:18:22 13
#tdf81118 UI: add "fit page size to drawing" button to the page format window Draw All Inherited From OOo 2014-07-09 16:28:22 13
#tdf87195 mailmerge: add image from url field (enhancement) Writer All release 2014-12-10 16:13:38 13
#tdf89297 Header, footer and page number missing on second page when saved as docx (continuous section breaks enhancement request) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2015-02-10 20:50:33 13
#tdf95861 Writer Web -- rework HTML export and import filters to use HTML 5 and inline CSS3 styles LibreOffice All release 2015-11-16 19:51:57 13
#tdf101174 Enable means to change Formula Editor default font from OpenSymbol via Expert Configuration Formula Editor All Inherited From OOo 2016-07-28 13:17:04 12
#tdf105488 Support multi-colored fonts using SVG table graphics stack All unspecified 2017-01-23 18:33:33 12
#tdf107181 UI ENHANCEMENT: Insertion page number dialog (similar to pager extension) Writer All 2017-04-15 09:32:53 12
#tdf115311 UI missing for nesting character styles Writer All 2018-01-30 13:01:50 12
#tdf120753 Provide an option to extend the number of Favorites and Recents for Special Characters LibreOffice All 2018-10-21 16:03:42 12
#tdf36976 Add option to disable the automatic popping up of toolbars UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-08 12:28:59 12
#tdf48416 Allow typing while saving; during autosave LibreOffice doesn't accept typing/input LibreOffice All unspecified 2012-04-07 06:20:35 12
#tdf49701 Provide UI button to abort loading of a file UI All Inherited From OOo 2012-05-09 12:12:35 12
#tdf57894 Implement OS native highlighting on each component UI All unspecified 2012-12-04 19:37:21 12
#tdf72944 Enhance handling of font families (weight, style, stretches) on Windows LibreOffice Windows (All) Inherited From OOo 2013-12-21 04:47:57 12
#tdf80054 Enhancement request: Add option to allow user to select color of non-printing characters Writer All Master 2014-06-15 15:48:22 12
#tdf80950 Styles & Formatting: Add 'Unused Styles' to style filter drop down Writer All Inherited From OOo 2014-07-05 15:53:55 12
#tdf82952 Add an option to show the full path in the window title. UI All Inherited From OOo 2014-08-22 14:47:00 12
#tdf85905 Allow undocking of Sidebar decks UI All 2014-11-05 08:38:06 12
#tdf89566 SIDEBAR: Improving the navigator tab in Writer Writer All Master 2015-02-22 15:49:39 12
#tdf89960 Suggestion to Change Style Behavior in Relation to Direct Formatting Writer All Inherited From OOo 2015-03-11 20:17:14 12
#tdf99326 Ability to disable GTK+ auto-accelerator LibreOffice All release 2016-04-15 13:37:48 12
#tdf100900 [Enhancement] inform user when a font style doesn't exist (bold, italic,...) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2016-07-13 20:16:06 11
#tdf101349 Default set of table styles Writer All 2016-08-06 07:04:36 11
#tdf101513 Making NotebookBar customizable UI All 2016-08-14 04:18:12 11
#tdf103064 Introduce a comment style Writer All 2016-10-09 17:42:27 11
#tdf105318 Behavior of Special Character dialog on launch when font at edit cursor is not installed and fallback occurs LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2017-01-13 23:51:22 11
#tdf106988 Default set of list styles Writer All 2017-04-06 12:31:16 11
#tdf117009 In Impress UI scroll bars are active beyond the extent of the slide Impress All Inherited From OOo 2018-04-14 15:09:16 11
#tdf126573 Add array functions in Calc: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY Calc All unspecified 2019-07-26 22:10:04 11
#tdf33173 Tabbed UI (Writer): Division/section-per-tab (similar to Lotus WordPro) Writer All release 2011-01-15 16:23:16 11
#tdf33631 Can't remove line/paragraph after table Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-01-27 17:21:50 11
#tdf34141 Functionality request: Impress language identification similar to Writer's status bar Impress All 3.5.0 RC1 2011-02-10 09:02:05 11
#tdf35112 A section in writer document is not visible to AT-SPI. Writer Linux (All) 3.3.0 release 2011-03-08 03:51:01 11
#tdf35217 Allow a child outline level to express the numerical value of its parent level with a different numbering style than the parent Writer All 3.5.3 release 2011-03-11 08:15:39 11
#tdf38194 Style indicator in document margin Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-11 15:43:03 11
#tdf45778 [RFE] Insert image not in a new paragraph but in the current position or as character Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-02-08 06:56:43 11
#tdf47825 SLIDESHOW: Show formatted notes in presenter console (Instead of converting to plaint-text) Impress All 3.3.0 release 2012-03-24 18:00:43 11
#tdf52387 Usability issue: There is no provision to export/import user-settings UI All Inherited From OOo 2012-07-23 10:13:55 11
#tdf56903 Moz-free Outlook Address Book driver Base Windows (All) unspecified 2012-11-09 06:11:32 11
#tdf57322 Moz-free LDAP Address Book driver Base All unspecified 2012-11-20 13:08:42 11
#tdf60822 Support chart sheets in calc Chart All release 2013-02-14 00:48:15 11
#tdf63536 Add Accounting format code to currency list Calc All unspecified 2013-04-15 04:50:12 11
#tdf64509 CONFIGURATION: Enhance Font Substitution Table Installation All release 2013-05-12 21:10:37 11
#tdf66377 Feature request: Format As Table Calc All Inherited From OOo 2013-06-29 18:48:11 11
#tdf67862 FORMULAEDITOR: FEATURE REQUEST: Include greek letters and symbols Formula Editor All 4.2 all versions 2013-08-07 10:04:18 11
#tdf74386 UI: Provide obvious way to turn full-page text boundaries on/off, independent from Show non printing characters Writer All release 2014-02-02 15:59:55 11
#tdf78186 Add an easy way to know which fonts are used in a document and which of them are missing Writer All release 2014-05-02 12:31:09 11
#tdf78486 Feature Request: Add Calculated Field in PIVOT TABLE Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-05-09 12:47:03 11
#tdf82424 Control use of direct formatting in Fill (Autofill) actions - (suggestions to resolve in comment#13) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-08-10 17:56:44 11
#tdf84502 Add shortcut keys to each Sidebar Tab to open its content panel(s) UI All unspecified 2014-09-30 08:30:00 11
#tdf87695 SIDEBAR: Improvements to new track changes sidebar tab Writer All Inherited From OOo 2014-12-25 08:39:35 11
#tdf88296 Show Caps Lock status in LibreOffice UI UI All Inherited From OOo 2015-01-11 17:10:12 11
#tdf88512 TOOLBAR/SIDEBAR: Character style drop down control uno command UI All Master 2015-01-16 22:21:04 11
#tdf89676 4.4.x: Bundled templates are not localizable Localization All release 2015-02-26 09:00:02 11
#tdf91130 Smaller default font name list LibreOffice All Master 2015-05-07 12:15:05 11
#tdf92969 UI: right-click in "Options/Paths" to open folder in file manager UI All Inherited From OOo 2015-07-28 05:34:38 11
#tdf98596 Incorrect handling of font families (weight, style, stretches) on Linux LibreOffice Linux (All) Inherited From OOo 2016-03-11 06:31:55 11
#tdf99027 [FORMATTING] Default table border width is useless Writer All unspecified 2016-04-01 13:55:05 11
#tdf99618 UNO command to launch Navigator in sidebar UI All release 2016-05-02 00:33:20 11
#tdf101714 Comments as pop-ups Writer All unspecified 2016-08-25 00:05:00 10
#tdf104318 CTL, CJK, and Western Language controls in the GUI cause confusion, handling languages and script selection needs rework--comfortable for a "Global" user community UI All release 2016-12-01 10:30:12 10
#tdf104443 Add 'Row' tab to Table Properties dialog Writer All unspecified 2016-12-06 18:01:22 10
#tdf105776 Writer page-down & page-up navigation in default single-page view Writer All Inherited From OOo 2017-02-05 18:11:15 10
#tdf105933 Means to modify existing table styles in a dialog Writer All 2017-02-11 10:33:14 10
#tdf109058 LibreOffice does not respect LC_ system settings LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2017-07-11 07:23:33 10
#tdf113604 Optimal column width of table in Writer is cumbersome and not persistent Writer All release 2017-11-02 15:53:40 10
#tdf114484 Make internal file and print dialogs obsolete UI All unspecified 2017-12-15 09:22:58 10
#tdf114721 Special char: find the char by drawing it LibreOffice All unspecified 2017-12-27 20:39:22 10
#tdf115288 Page numbers without hidden slides Impress All Inherited From OOo 2018-01-28 23:57:46 10
#tdf118017 support macOS dark mode LibreOffice Mac OS X (All) 3.3.0 release 2018-06-05 18:11:32 10
#tdf121967 Can't select/pick multiples shapes or images in Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw with CTRL key UI All 3.3.0 release 2018-12-07 18:29:07 10
#tdf125040 Replace single toolbar with contextual single UI All unspecified 2019-04-30 09:56:29 10
#tdf127293 Add XLOOKUP function in Calc Calc All 2019-09-02 14:46:21 10
#tdf128078 Improve loading of large autocorrect lists Linguistic All 2019-10-10 14:58:20 10
#tdf128814 Navigator: right-clicking on any item should bring context menu as right-clicking the item in document, not custom navigator menu UI All Inherited From OOo 2019-11-15 09:52:29 10
#tdf131233 improve UX around info message "Missing hyphenation info - please install the hyphenation package for locale "de". Documentation All release 2020-03-09 12:15:50 10
#tdf33800 Enable PDF export of simple slide animations in Impress Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-01 03:18:33 10
#tdf38994 EDITING: improve single cell selection for Drag and Drop (by click on cell border?) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-07-06 00:41:48 10
#tdf45636 Add support for PDF/UA (PDF/Universal Accessibility) - ISO 14289 Printing and PDF export All 3.4.5 release 2012-02-04 23:38:18 10
#tdf45864 UI: Add "Glue Point deletion" tool Draw All Inherited From OOo 2012-02-09 16:28:57 10
#tdf47896 Sort languages by relevance UI All 3.5.1 release 2012-03-26 06:01:32 10
#tdf48804 Add option to rotate text 180 degrees in writer Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-04-17 02:03:01 10
#tdf49258 EDITING TABLES: No easy way to move Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-04-28 11:45:04 10
#tdf50206 EDITING: Unable to move/position pictures and objects outside page boundary Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-05-22 03:29:31 10
#tdf50278 Provide separate dock icons for each component on macOS instead of or in addition to the global launcher aka make components single apps UI Mac OS X (All) Master old -3.6 2012-05-23 05:28:14 10
#tdf51670 Add XYZ / Surface chart type Chart All Inherited From OOo 2012-07-02 14:36:24 10
#tdf53548 Allow "Other" fields / DocInformation / custom editable fields in Draw/Impress (as in Writer) Impress All Inherited From OOo 2012-08-15 17:47:49 10
#tdf62179 SLIDESHOW: enhancement: Presenter Console also with only one monitor (as Rehearse Timings) Impress All 3.3.0 release 2013-03-11 15:42:03 10
#tdf65463 Writer: Index entry in ToC should be clickable Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-06-06 14:27:51 10
#tdf66792 UI: Better integration of font styles into the toolbar LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2013-07-10 20:00:12 10
#tdf68589 Allow linking of text frames in Draw Draw All Inherited From OOo 2013-08-27 03:36:43 10
#tdf69551 Styles & Formatting deck is overpopulated with styles UI All unspecified 2013-09-18 21:10:00 10
#tdf69724 There is no ability to set/configure the default number/bullet styles Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-09-23 16:40:37 10
#tdf74580 FILEOPEN: Add option to disable import dialog when opening a CSV file (see comment #13) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-02-05 18:37:36 10
#tdf78916 Custom page size missing from print dialog Printing and PDF export All Inherited From OOo 2014-05-19 15:31:16 10
#tdf80110 get 'checking for an update failed' error when posting cURL checs for updates (comment 8 for providing a better update Dialog UX) LibreOffice All 2014-06-16 21:46:35 10
#tdf90180 FORMATTING feature request: error bars style => error box Chart All Inherited From OOo 2015-03-24 00:40:08 10
#tdf94177 Additional multi-extension filetype entries in the file open dialog LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2015-09-13 03:52:32 10

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