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    159 open enhancements have 3 or more duplicates. (sorted in alphabetical order by number of duplicates)

    Id Summary Component OS Version Reported Total Duplicates
    #tdf41777 Window size reopening a document not like size when saved UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-10-13 20:47:55 18
    #tdf34438 Group selection does not work with raster images in Writer (Shift + Click nor rectangle selection) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-18 04:07:32 16
    #tdf143249 Improve configuration of table borders UI All Inherited From OOo 2021-07-08 08:01:00 15
    #tdf115439 High DPI mode: SVG icons should be preferred over PNG versions when available (comment 34) LibreOffice All release 2018-02-04 13:08:45 14
    #tdf38850 In Tools > Options > View - add an option to control appearance of context-sensitive toolbars (on, off, automatic) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-30 12:15:21 13
    #tdf91130 Smaller default font name list LibreOffice All Master 2015-05-07 12:15:05 13
    #tdf46448 Allow custom locale settings for decimal separator, group separator, default date and time formats Localization All Inherited From OOo 2012-02-22 05:45:09 13
    #tdf62032 Cannot specify a Paragraph Style to use a numbering level (over 1) for a chosen Numbering (List) style (See comment 35) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-03-08 17:41:29 11
    #tdf89297 Header, footer and page number missing on second page when saved as docx (continuous section breaks enhancement request) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2015-02-10 20:50:33 11
    #tdf31481 [RFE] Split pane in same window for side-by-side proof reading/ translating of 2 different files Writer All Inherited From OOo 2010-11-08 16:35:16 9
    #tdf40917 UI: Calc currently scrolling only by full row height Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-09-15 12:20:20 9
    #tdf34959 Export/convert presentation to video Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-03-02 22:42:53 9
    #tdf102249 VIEWING: Add View-> Non-printing Characters for Text box objects in all modules LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2016-09-17 23:02:07 8
    #tdf37134 Tabbed UI: Document-per-tab (similar to Firefox, Opera, gedit) MDI UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-12 05:19:23 8
    #tdf39936 UI: Right Click on Row/Column -> Insert Copied Cells... (paste + shift cells in one click) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-08-08 10:13:29 8
    #tdf45617 Make Impress Master Slides copyable Impress All unspecified 2012-02-04 04:05:06 8
    #tdf105933 Means to modify existing table styles in a dialog Writer All 2017-02-11 10:33:14 8
    #tdf58434 Show formatting marks when displaying non-printing characters <Ctrl>+F10, rather than field shading <Ctrl>+F8 (for formatting marks as in comment 18) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-12-17 20:40:18 7
    #tdf101646 UI option "Scaling" was removed UI All 2016-08-21 20:56:50 7
    #tdf58685 Add *option* for proposing a file name based on the content of the document on first save (comment 13 for suggested sources in priority order) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-12-23 16:39:11 7
    #tdf38742 Pushpins/Favourites in recent menu and start center UI All unspecified 2011-06-28 03:23:16 7
    #tdf67614 FILESAVE: Exporting as JPG or PNG exports only selected slide Impress All Inherited From OOo 2013-08-01 09:08:21 7
    #tdf89369 Introduce Drawing object styles (shapes, textboxes...) to Writer & Calc like in Impress/Draw UI All Inherited From OOo 2015-02-13 20:50:55 7
    #tdf61242 Customise comments background color in Writer Writer All unspecified 2013-02-21 17:18:22 7
    #tdf103036 rework document Language Setting into a dedicated dialog (comment 7) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2016-10-06 13:27:45 7
    #tdf88512 TOOLBAR/SIDEBAR: Character style drop down control uno command UI All Master 2015-01-16 22:21:04 7
    #tdf58349 Turn Border button into a split button and remember recent border style UI All Inherited From OOo 2012-12-15 22:40:40 6
    #tdf77590 Make LO's Start Center thumbnail views available for use from within components LibreOffice All release 2014-04-17 19:31:39 6
    #tdf37048 Document content instant preview (aka "Live Preview") LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-09 20:07:23 6
    #tdf51665 Support diagonal borders in TABLEs Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-07-02 13:24:17 6
    #tdf66377 Feature request: Format As Table, Excel Table Styles Calc All Inherited From OOo 2013-06-29 18:48:11 6
    #tdf113388 Support for Client Side Windows Decorations in LibreOffice UI All unspecified 2017-10-23 18:42:01 6
    #tdf115052 Allow other keys than from US keyboard as shortcut keys LibreOffice All release 2018-01-16 20:01:57 6
    #tdf73953 UI Writer, enhancement request: Allow adjustment of comment bar width Writer All release 2014-01-23 03:26:15 6
    #tdf38261 Better Find&Replace with regular expressions LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-13 09:41:32 6
    #tdf115527 Redesign of the keyboard tab of the Customization dialog LibreOffice All unspecified 2018-02-07 19:49:45 6
    #tdf37817 Add a view mode without page margins, header/footer and rulers (comment 13) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-01 07:24:36 6
    #tdf105762 Implement WIA based scanner support for LO Windows builds LibreOffice Windows (All) release 2017-02-05 08:55:33 5
    #tdf57466 Change in UI user configuration will cause new UI items in next versions of LibreOffice to be invisible, when that previous userprofile is used framework All Inherited From OOo 2012-11-23 22:39:32 5
    #tdf53548 Allow "Other" fields / DocInformation / custom editable fields in Draw/Impress (as in Writer) Impress All Inherited From OOo 2012-08-15 17:47:49 5
    #tdf37932 Support for Editing and Creation of SmartArt Draw All unspecified 2011-06-04 15:19:42 5
    #tdf32249 Make it easier to edit text in imported PDFs LibreOffice All 3.3.0 RC1 2010-12-08 22:51:29 5
    #tdf74934 'Install' button in update dialog is never activated LibreOffice All release 2014-02-13 15:10:22 5
    #tdf87787 Improve cell border assignment LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2014-12-28 10:29:48 5
    #tdf101174 Enable means to change Formula Editor default font from OpenSymbol via Expert Configuration Formula Editor All Inherited From OOo 2016-07-28 13:17:04 5
    #tdf114234 Dialog for the inserting/opening of images/pdfs with multiple pages LibreOffice All unspecified 2017-12-04 10:24:28 5
    #tdf108256 EDITING: find/replace regular expressions: \n has 2 meanings, it shouldn't Writer All release 2017-05-31 04:26:01 5
    #tdf115811 pdfium based ipdf defaults to 96 dpi for image, need option in UI to set higher resolution (see comment 20) filters and storage All release 2018-02-17 18:40:24 5
    #tdf96872 Make it more obvious that a font has been substituted (see comment 12) LibreOffice All release 2016-01-03 12:50:43 5
    #tdf51733 Update icons for high-resolution HiDPI / Retina display UI All unspecified 2012-07-04 15:40:52 5
    #tdf128810 Introduce Character Styles in Impress/Draw Impress All release 2019-11-15 01:14:49 5
    #tdf65017 FILEOPEN : Menu "File > Recent Documents" reopen using previous module, add to MRU history in profile LibreOffice All 2013-05-26 20:45:01 5
    #tdf48416 Allow typing while saving; during autosave LibreOffice doesn't accept typing/input LibreOffice All unspecified 2012-04-07 06:20:35 5
    #tdf85677 Dragging on a touchscreen display highlights instead of scrolling UI All Inherited From OOo 2014-10-31 03:41:52 5
    #tdf121967 Can't select/pick multiples shapes or images in Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw with CTRL key Impress All 3.3.0 release 2018-12-07 18:29:07 5
    #tdf93111 Feature request: Custom styles filter .. or Custom styles group, to show in the filter Writer All Inherited From OOo 2015-08-04 01:47:22 5
    #tdf126690 Bad default settings for nested/outline numbering indentations Writer All Inherited From OOo 2019-08-03 23:47:41 5
    #tdf92984 FILESAVE: Modifying and saving existing CSV should warn about only saving active sheet, GUI and headless Calc All Inherited From OOo 2015-07-28 15:25:16 4
    #tdf40163 When exporting a selection to PDF, output page size not limited to selection size Printing and PDF export All Inherited From OOo 2011-08-17 05:21:41 4
    #tdf36117 EDITING Page formatting doesn't support vertical alignment (top/center/bottom) of content (without frame/table workarounds) Writer All Inherited From OOo 2011-04-10 09:17:58 4
    #tdf100141 Add alignment and spacing guides Draw All Inherited From OOo 2016-05-30 14:38:55 4
    #tdf79356 connectors split button is missing in the drawing bar in Writer and Calc Writer All Inherited From OOo 2014-05-28 07:41:22 4
    #tdf70180 Enhance Drop Caps effect to support Raised, Sunken and Dropped initials Writer All release 2013-10-06 04:04:19 4
    #tdf69724 There is no ability to set/configure the default number/bullet styles Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-09-23 16:40:37 4
    #tdf69039 ACCESSIBILITY: Support Windows Speech Recognition Writer Windows (All) 3.3.0 release 2013-09-06 14:21:37 4
    #tdf105488 Support multi-colored fonts using SVG table graphics stack All unspecified 2017-01-23 18:33:33 4
    #tdf78156 FORMATTING: Make slide Layouts editable; allow to create custom slide Layouts Impress All Inherited From OOo 2014-05-01 14:09:29 4
    #tdf65136 FILESAVE, FILEOPEN: XLS, XLSX partial-cell hyperlink is reloaded as full-cell hyperlink filters and storage All unspecified 2013-05-29 18:59:54 4
    #tdf61134 Font substitute name should appear in the font name combobox and in its tooltip UI All release 2013-02-19 20:06:09 4
    #tdf41007 EDITING: Insert image dialog should allow to select multiple images UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-09-19 07:54:26 4
    #tdf55425 PDF import: support encryption algorithm value 4 (AES) filters and storage All Master 2012-09-28 15:06:20 4
    #tdf113603 Unified table management in Writer (show row/col headers on hover for interaction) Writer All release 2017-11-02 15:46:35 4
    #tdf38994 EDITING: improve single cell selection for Drag and Drop (by click on cell border?) Calc All Inherited From OOo 2011-07-06 00:41:48 4
    #tdf76682 Other: Gradients in LO are limited only to two colors LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2014-03-27 12:06:12 4
    #tdf38726 Writer functionality request: New option for "Record changes" mode: Showing only change bars following edits Writer All 3.5.0 Beta2 2011-06-27 14:55:21 4
    #tdf54035 Remember export format Draw All release 2012-08-25 03:06:59 4
    #tdf118136 "Rename slides" usability and better placeholder names Impress All release 2018-06-13 06:16:13 4
    #tdf86872 Word completion: Add ability to save word completion (aka "auto complete") lists and re-use them Writer All Inherited From OOo 2014-11-30 11:04:29 4
    #tdf31205 Apply fill patterns to cell backgrounds Calc All unspecified 2010-10-28 16:26:51 4
    #tdf113433 Color split buttons should display the recently used color Writer All release 2017-10-25 09:04:52 4
    #tdf49177 Add color gradient for FORMATTING cell background Calc All unspecified 2012-04-26 09:13:22 4
    #tdf125067 data segmentation in libre office Calc All release 2019-05-01 20:48:43 4
    #tdf50278 Provide separate dock icons for each component on macOS instead of or in addition to the global launcher aka make components single apps UI Mac OS X (All) Master old -3.6 2012-05-23 05:28:14 4
    #tdf90244 SIDEBAR: Enhancing Navigator in Draw Draw All Master 2015-03-26 06:12:55 4
    #tdf104443 Add 'Row' tab to Table Properties dialog Writer All unspecified 2016-12-06 18:01:22 4
    #tdf130857 Qt5 implement theming using native widgets (weld) graphics stack All 2020-02-22 00:47:01 4
    #tdf33603 Presenter notes should be available in normal view as a scrolling pane Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-01-27 09:23:36 4
    #tdf62332 FORMATTING: Allow to assign Layouts to Master Slides, effectively creating a new "Master Slide+Layout combination" for presentations in Impress Impress All Inherited From OOo 2013-03-14 10:25:29 4
    #tdf89964 Requesting a native 'Preview Handler' for Windows explorer shell LibreOffice Windows (All) 3.3.0 release 2015-03-12 10:50:22 4
    #tdf146445 Change behaviour of anchor to character in an empty paragraph (see comment 15) Writer All release 2021-12-28 07:35:32 4
    #tdf114633 Column Width Writer All release 2017-12-21 19:23:18 4
    #tdf148152 Using a digital pen with LO: Ink drawings / annotations with Stylus, Pen or Finger on Touchscreen or Tablet LibreOffice All release 2022-03-23 22:13:56 4
    #tdf90497 Implementing document themes UI All Master 2015-04-07 13:27:34 3
    #tdf60411 CONFIGURATION: Active toolbars not remembered after reopening UI All release 2013-02-07 11:23:44 3
    #tdf62179 SLIDESHOW: enhancement: start Presenter Console also with only one monitor with Alt+F5 (as Rehearse Timings) Impress All 3.3.0 release 2013-03-11 15:42:03 3
    #tdf44448 Option to auto-update Table of Contents, or question offered to update TOC at printing, is missing Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-01-04 03:00:24 3
    #tdf103683 PDF export mediabox trimbox cropbox bleedbox artbox filters and storage All release 2016-11-03 17:56:22 3
    #tdf99716 Store recent documents list and thumbnails apart from registrymodifications.xcu framework All unspecified 2016-05-07 00:37:04 3
    #tdf103740 Adjust our instance of the OpenSymbol font to use existing lighter weight glyphs, plus sign and arrows graphics stack All Inherited From OOo 2016-11-06 20:09:54 3
    #tdf33827 Implement styles for formulae Formula Editor All Inherited From OOo 2011-02-01 15:42:42 3
    #tdf143138 Pasting unformatted text should advance table cells Writer All release 2021-06-30 17:34:12 3
    #tdf100028 Quickly duplicate an object LibreOffice All unspecified 2016-05-24 12:10:21 3
    #tdf71583 FORMATTING: There is no page count field for different page styles or sections Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-11-13 16:13:05 3
    #tdf71224 Insert new fields between existing fields not working (ALTER TABLE ADD BEFORE/AFTER) Base All Inherited From OOo 2013-11-04 16:33:08 3
    #tdf62595 Make Edits to Charts Undoable -- Currently Chart Edits Are Not Undoable via Ctrl + Z Chart All rc 2013-03-21 15:17:26 3
    #tdf80054 Enhancement request: Add option to allow user to select color of non-printing characters Writer All Master 2014-06-15 15:48:22 3
    #tdf96886 Support Laser Pen Impress All release 2016-01-04 13:50:26 3
    #tdf38370 [FILEOPEN] LibreOffice Impress do not allow open password-protected PowerPoint presentations in "read-only" mode Impress All Inherited From OOo 2011-06-16 05:48:48 3
    #tdf64509 CONFIGURATION: Enhance Font Substitution / replacement Table with common commercial and old fonts Installation All release 2013-05-12 21:10:37 3
    #tdf71275 Other: Enhancement - Number of all records should be shown in a form, not only 41* Base All release 2013-11-05 17:39:41 3
    #tdf39052 FORMATTING single characters in titles, axis titles and other labels in charts is not possible Chart All Inherited From OOo 2011-07-07 16:07:33 3
    #tdf85976 Feature Request - Add "Remove Duplicates" button to LibreOffice / filtering showing duplicates is too complicated Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-11-06 17:31:54 3
    #tdf49787 Formatting: Allow different slide / page styles (orientation, size) in a single Drawing document Draw All Inherited From OOo 2012-05-11 03:59:36 3
    #tdf74439 Remember (and restore) size of Libreoffice dialogues boxes (File/Open etc) , after they are manually resized UI All Master 2014-02-03 13:16:11 3
    #tdf70638 ENHANCEMENT: Protect the *.odb-file by setting a password to the file Base All unspecified 2013-10-19 08:01:02 3
    #tdf94513 editing: Improvement: text completion should include validity values Calc All Inherited From OOo 2015-09-25 20:25:25 3
    #tdf74580 FILEOPEN: Add option to disable import dialog when opening a CSV file (see comment #13) Calc All unspecified 2014-02-05 18:37:36 3
    #tdf112853 Calc doesn't support images in page header or footer Calc All Inherited From OOo 2017-10-03 06:59:21 3
    #tdf34804 EDITING: Keyboard shortcut for Format-Highlighting does not work Writer All unspecified 2011-02-27 12:03:54 3
    #tdf115078 Automatically insert a decimal point like in Excel Calc All Inherited From OOo 2018-01-17 22:51:52 3
    #tdf112541 Default color for shapes LibreOffice All 2017-09-21 08:21:27 3
    #tdf95861 Writer Web -- rework HTML export and import filters to use HTML 5 and inline CSS3 styles LibreOffice All release 2015-11-16 19:51:57 3
    #tdf92752 Name changes in Finder not recognized by LibreOffice Writer macOS (All) Inherited From OOo 2015-07-15 04:27:43 3
    #tdf99296 Calc: disable headers/footers by default Calc All Inherited From OOo 2016-04-14 13:44:49 3
    #tdf33173 Tabbed UI: Division/section-per-tab (similar to Lotus WordPro) UI All release 2011-01-15 16:23:16 3
    #tdf59068 Allow different Drawing Scale per document (see comment 7) Draw All Inherited From OOo 2013-01-05 21:27:43 3
    #tdf102011 EDITING: Default wrap spacing for images (from Graphics style which uses zero) is not convenient LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2016-09-09 07:39:54 3
    #tdf119807 Add slicers to tables and Pivot tables in Calc Calc All Inherited From OOo 2018-09-11 14:34:03 3
    #tdf71152 Compare Document in Writer should not ignore footnotes, endnotes, fields, header/footer etc Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-11-02 00:33:37 3
    #tdf87040 Floating toolbar feature request aka "mini toolbar" UI All unspecified 2014-12-05 22:02:55 3
    #tdf81118 UI: add "fit page size to drawing" button to the page format window Draw All Inherited From OOo 2014-07-09 16:28:22 3
    #tdf73242 FORMATTING: Enhancement: Expand usage of local settings (regional settings) in Options/Languages Calc All Inherited From OOo 2014-01-03 02:34:12 3
    #tdf112064 FORMATTING Multiple footnotes per line in the footer, rather than the default one footnote per line. Writer All unspecified 2017-08-28 01:07:12 3
    #tdf141147 Use borders below the toolbars to separate from the page content UI Linux (All) release 2021-03-21 14:28:16 3
    #tdf47825 SLIDESHOW: Show formatted notes in presenter console (Instead of converting to plaint-text) Impress All release 2012-03-24 18:00:43 3
    #tdf48534 EDITING: No footnotes possible in frames including figure captions Writer All Inherited From OOo 2012-04-10 18:55:11 3
    #tdf125217 Replace Mozilla themes with a proprietary tool reusing the existing LibreOffice All unspecified 2019-05-11 19:24:02 3
    #tdf43511 UI: Navigation (F5) dialog lacks a search function UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-12-04 05:39:13 3
    #tdf70142 Make numbering, fields and other dynamic text searchable Writer All Inherited From OOo 2013-10-04 16:19:45 3
    #tdf89826 Allow resetting individual style attributes to inheritance from parent rather than specific value LibreOffice All rc 2015-03-04 20:17:35 3
    #tdf118017 [META] macOS Dark Mode bugs and enhancements UI macOS (All) 3.3.0 release 2018-06-05 18:11:32 3
    #tdf93813 Integration of a color picker/pipette dropper control into the sidebar and color picker dialog LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2015-08-31 15:58:39 3
    #tdf114886 [Sidebar: Styles and formatting] Implementing the styles views as filters UI All unspecified 2018-01-07 16:27:08 3
    #tdf81880 Ability to search Gallery for graphics by description Draw All unspecified 2014-07-29 16:39:07 3
    #tdf135538 Search-Replace: Regular Expression engine fails on zero length matches LibreOffice All 3.3.0 release 2020-08-07 15:51:56 3
    #tdf89951 EDITING: format removed when merging formatted with non-formatted cells Calc All Inherited From OOo 2015-03-11 09:30:52 3
    #tdf75734 Spell checking doesn't warn users if the selected dictionary isn't installed, but rather returns a potentially incorrect result Linguistic All release 2014-03-04 00:28:06 3
    #tdf128216 UI: Relative paths should be displayed as relative Writer All Inherited From OOo 2019-10-17 15:31:59 3
    #tdf90646 Improving the "Style & Formatting" sidebar tab UI All unspecified 2015-04-16 06:59:30 3
    #tdf91886 Make font installation optional in Windows GUI Installation Windows (All) unspecified 2015-06-06 09:25:12 3
    #tdf85905 Allow undocking of Sidebar decks UI All 2014-11-05 08:38:06 3
    #tdf102741 Rulers are only shown for the active page (where the cursor is) UI All Inherited From OOo 2016-09-28 13:38:47 3
    #tdf88416 UI: Allow hiding fonts from font drop down list in options dialog UI All Inherited From OOo 2015-01-14 18:23:15 3
    #tdf66298 The Customize dialog does not show global keyboard shortcuts when Writer option is selected UI All Inherited From OOo 2013-06-28 06:37:53 3
    #tdf146769 Reopen documents from previous session on start LibreOffice All release 2022-01-14 21:22:18 3
    #tdf78582 Search and replace character styles Writer All Inherited From OOo 2014-05-12 06:35:04 3
    #tdf103064 Introduce a comment style Writer All 2016-10-09 17:42:27 3
    #tdf66792 UI: Better integration of font styles into the toolbar LibreOffice All Inherited From OOo 2013-07-10 20:00:12 3
    #tdf37336 Add an "Apply" button to various dialog boxes (Writer, Draw etc.) UI All Inherited From OOo 2011-05-18 15:23:51 3

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