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    The QA/Team is in the process of getting a website set up at This page is our wiki space to plan/discuss/describe what we're going to do with that site.


    I think everyone agrees that if we make the website, it should be at

    Potential sub-urls would include:


    • There's been some discussion about revamping the QA Team page and/or creating a new QA page for team members outside of the wiki, potentially at
    • Florian R. has offered to take point right now.
    • What content are we putting up there? What info do we need to give Florian R.? Headshots for the Team page?

    What Florian needs / wants to do

    Hi :) This is a draft. Please don't be mad, some of these things would aslo be fine for wiki pages

    1. Landing page
      • What the QA team does
      • Why it is so important
      • Why do we need more people
    2. Team
      • Fotos of us + small bio
    3. About
      • More extensivly why QA is so important
    4. Statistics about QA
      • Joel,what's about you :)
      • Some automatic stats
    5. Wanted page (FUTURE)
      • We desperatly need people. Which skills are needed:
        • Someone with MS Office
        • Someone with Linux
        • Someone with an Epson E123456 printer
        • Endless list....
    6. Getting started
      • OS specific section
      • Linking to wiki
        • Short summary of the content
    7. Contact QA team
      • Good but dangerous
        • Should give this a try
        • Hint with: Don't write us, if you want us to triage bugs quicker. That won't help!!

    Who needs admin credentials?


    • Joel
    • Robinson
    • Florian R.
    • Joren DC (already admin rights on Dutch locale website)

    ..with more people added as we go.