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    • LibreOffice 7.6 will require Windows 7 or newer

    New Features

    An in-progress list of features for this version is available here.

    Reported Bugs

    A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla. On the other hand, the list of annoying bugs fixed in this version is available from Bugzilla. the full list of reported bugs is here


    The full list of people who have collaborated in this release is here.

    List of fixed bugs

    Bugs fixed compared to 7.6.7 RC1:

    1. tdf#114287 fo:text-indent and fo:margin-left from paragraph style has to overrule those from list style [Michael Stahl]
    2. tdf#153306 Cursor leftovers keep being displayed when using Skia Metal [Patrick Luby]
    3. tdf#154581 Paragraph language and character formatting (bold, italic) lost when pasting HTML [Michael Stahl]
    4. tdf#157411 Loss of font size on round trip from Writer ODF to Writer-web HTML, affects direct formatting less so styled paragraphs [Michael Stahl]
    5. tdf#158549 Copy / Paste from gDocs loses the style formatting [Michael Stahl]
    6. tdf#159366 List styles add paragraph direct formatting on loading Writer document [Michael Stahl]
    7. tdf#159903 Paragraph style indent settings not working correctly [Michael Stahl]
    8. tdf#160159 Spellchecking dialog's main textfield background color does not update on light/dark mode switching (Linux) [Caolán McNamara]
    9. tdf#160714 Exporting ODP file to PDF in Impress does not export PDF figures correctly [Patrick Luby]
    10. tdf#160765 EDITING: Insert comment - Copy - Paste Comments - Undo - Show comment -> LO crash [Andreas Heinisch]
    11. tdf#160827 Crash on opening certain .docx files [Julien Nabet]
    12. tdf#160855 LibreOffice crashes when Calc cells are selected/copied [Patrick Luby]
    13. tdf#160898 Crash selecting all (Ctrl+A) in a temporarily visible paragraph under a table inside a table [Mike Kaganski]
    14. tdf#160924 SDK: typo in environment variables for linux [Julien Nabet]


    This build contains these translation updates: [1]. See credits for each language.