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The Separate Install GUI (SI-GUI, previously also called Server Install GUI) is a tool designed by Florian Reisinger to help with the installation of multiple instances of LibreOffice on Windows systems.

The SI-GUI tool allows one to perform server installations of LibreOffice without deep knowledge of the Windows installation process. A server installation is independent from the normal LibreOffice installation and does not interact with or overwrite files from a version of LibreOffice that you have installed using our regular installer. Despite being called a server installation, it can be used on regular non-server variants of Windows.

These parallel installations can be used for tests with experimental versions of LibreOffice. Thus, it's a great way to install a second copy of LibreOffice if you need access to a feature only available in a beta build, or if a particular feature is broken in the build of LibreOffice you're currently using on a day to day basis.

The SI-GUI is not necessary for installation of daily builds. These builds will be installed independently from the normal stable LibreOffice version by default. Still, using the SI-GUI to install daily builds (or other special builds) gives you the flexibility of being able to install more than one at once. Such parallel builds can be very handy for QA, writing documentation or verifying when specific bugs were fixed.

The program can be downloaded from [1].


The program was designed and programmed by Florian Reisinger.

Translations of the program interface were done by:

  • English: Florian Reisinger and Ken Biondi
  • German: Florian Reisinger
  • French: Sophie Gautier
  • Spanish: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
  • Slovenian: Martin Srebotnjak
  • Danish: Leif Lodahl
  • Portuguese: Carlos Moreira and Pedro Lino and Sérgio Marques
  • Hebrew: Yaron Shahrabani
  • Dutch: Joren De Cuyper
  • Galician: Anton Meixome
  • Italian: Tommaso Bartalena

Help files were written by:

  • English: Ken Biondi
  • Portuguese: Carlos Moreira
  • Italian: Valter Mura


Documentation is available online on [2] but also inside the program itself.

Update builds

Information how to update the dev-build slaves, which are used by SI-GUI can be found here

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