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This Page has been created to collaborate on drafting a question set for a Survey, aimed to try growing up our community and possibly membership, but focusing especially in areas we lack from, in geographically terms as well as other kind of areas, which could be gender or age range or whatever could be considered important (languages). In other words it's a way fo foster Diversity and Inclusion

Another goal is to have more statistic data to use for marketing purposes on printed materials or on speeches at conferences.

Please keep in mind that surveys are meant to be anonymous and optional for Community and or TDF members.

(Possible) Questions

Please answer to as many questions as you wish, keeping in mind that this survey is meant to be anonymous and optional. So if you find that some combination of answers may bring back to your identity (i.e. you're the only known italian speaking person living in Uganda), feel free to avoid such answers or part of them.

  1. What country saw your birth?
  2. What country are you living in?
  3. What's your native language?
  4. What languages are you also able to speak?
  5. How old are you? (We may want to provide a set of ranges here ;)
  6. What's your gender? (Please help finding a better wording here :)
  7. Which project(s) of The Document Foundation are you involved with? (multiple choices with open text field here? - LO, DLP)
  8. What's the area of your usual contribution? (multiple choices with open text field here? - development, documentation, QA, marketing/events, localization/translation, infrastructure, others?)
  9. What is (are) your hobby(s)?
  10. What other FOSS project are you involved in, if any?
  11. Do you belong to some local FOSS group? Could you mention them?

Please have your say

In your opinion, what could be done by TDF to

  1. improve its relationship with the members?
  2. get more people interested in being member?
  3. foster Diversity and Inclusion?