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Version support question

I have a question regarding Dtardon's last edit of the libetonyek page. He states that all versions are now supported. Is this true?

From the announcement for libetonyek I read:

Apple Keynote (current version is 8) LO (libetonyek 0.1.8) seems to only support: v1-6

Apple Pages (current version is 7.0) LO (libetonyek 0.1.8) seems to only support: v1-5

Apple Numbers (current version is 5.0) LO (libetonyek 0.1.8) seems to only support: v1-3

This means that not all versions are supported?! GerryT (talk) 2018-04-22T08:21:32 (UTC)

You realize you’re talking about different things, right? Different LibreOffice versions bundle different versions of the libetonyek library, of course. —Fito (talk) 2018-04-22T12:17:28 (UTC)
Hi Fito, no, we talk about exactly the same thing (I made my previous comment clearer now). Dtardon deleted "It supports Keynote versions 2-6, Numbers 1-2 and Pages 1-4" with the remark that all versions of Keynote/Numbers/Pages are now supported. I think that he refers to his email here: . Given that email, his statement that all Keynote/Numbers/Pages versions are supported seems to be wrong. It seems to me that Keynote 7 and 8; Pages 6 and 7; Numbers 4 and 5 are not supported by the library. GerryT (talk) 2018-04-22T14:53:44 (UTC)
Have you tested the latest libetonyek anyway? Version 0.1.8 is not yet included in LibreOffice. —Fito (talk) 2018-04-22T16:05:12 (UTC)
No, that's why I ask here, as there seems to be a mismatch between release announcement of 0.1.8 and the infos that all iWork versions are supported. GerryT (talk) 2018-04-22T16:17:21 (UTC)
Just test the latest version (master now includes aa3d62173be3b0621f87e77f34c65e59825a1a40 it). If you find any incompatibility with files created with the latest iWork, submit bugs. —Fito (talk) 2018-04-23T15:30:14 (UTC)