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License & License-Options at the template-center

After uploading my two impress-templates at the template-center, I discovered this call and wanted to join. You are asking here for a CC0-License (or public domain) - but at the template-center they don't offer the CC0-License as an option. So I've chosen the "public domain" - even though it is hardly a valid turn to set the own work under public domain (or the validity differs among different countries).

What would be the correct License (from the provided options at the template-center) corresponding to the CC0-License? --Sci citation 2012-06-24T12:22:26 (CEST)

Astro removed my templates

Hi. User astron removed my Impress templates. Why? Did I make any mistake? That was the procedure to follow in order to have templates appreciated, was'nt that?

Best regards, Gilvan.