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The "Multiple Work Dirs" Section seems to be outdated

The configure script does not have the option: "--with-linked-git". I guess this option was removed. My proposed change:

$ ./ ... --with-external-tar=/other/libo/src
$ ./g checkout my-libo-branch

Borim7 (talk) 2013-03-17T12:50:42 (UTC)

My does have a --with-linked-git= option, though as described on the page, --with-referenced-git= is considered superior. Vmiklos (talk) 2015-03-16T09:01:28 (UTC)

Unable to get started because configure doesn't exist

$ git clone git:// libo
$ cd libo
$ ./ --help

No output is produced, probably because libo/configure doesn't exist.

Did I misunderstand the necessary commands, or is something missing from the instructions? --Bjherbison 2012-08-23T11:26:16 (CEST)

From the developer mailing list I learned it is necessary to run autogen before you can use the help option. I updated the wiki page with this information. --Bjherbison 2012-08-24T15:35:07 (CEST)

Disk activity ?

When compiling, what is the disk activity like ? If compilation is affected by disk, having everything in RAM using ramfs (or RAMdisk softwares on Window$; ImDisk is completely free and has no limitations) will remove 1 cap from compilation. Having great enterprise-level SSDs will do even better job since they have higher rates than fastest RAM, or a very fast RAID. --Rautamiekka (talk) 2015-03-16T00:32:33 (UTC)