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    The "Multiple Work Dirs" Section seems to be outdated

    The configure script does not have the option: "--with-linked-git". I guess this option was removed. My proposed change:

    $ ./ ... --with-external-tar=/other/libo/src
    $ ./g checkout my-libo-branch

    Borim7 (talk) 2013-03-17T12:50:42 (UTC)

    My does have a --with-linked-git= option, though as described on the page, --with-referenced-git= is considered superior. Vmiklos (talk) 2015-03-16T09:01:28 (UTC)

    Unable to get started because configure doesn't exist

    $ git clone git:// libo
    $ cd libo
    $ ./ --help

    No output is produced, probably because libo/configure doesn't exist.

    Did I misunderstand the necessary commands, or is something missing from the instructions? --Bjherbison 2012-08-23T11:26:16 (CEST)

    From the developer mailing list I learned it is necessary to run autogen before you can use the help option. I updated the wiki page with this information. --Bjherbison 2012-08-24T15:35:07 (CEST)

    Disk activity ?

    When compiling, what is the disk activity like ? If compilation is affected by disk, having everything in RAM using ramfs (or RAMdisk softwares on Window$; ImDisk is completely free and has no limitations) will remove 1 cap from compilation. Having great enterprise-level SSDs will do even better job since they have higher rates than fastest RAM, or a very fast RAID. --Rautamiekka (talk) 2015-03-16T00:32:33 (UTC)

    EDIT 2017-09-23: I realized you'd do well to install ImDisk Toolkit if you use ImDisk for RAMdisk, it'll make creation and conffing of RAMdisks so much easier and faster than when using the shipped command-line tools. I never used the command-line tools after noticing how hard they're to use. --Rautamiekka (talk) 2017-09-23T18:26:44 (UTC)

    Article update / rewrite (2017-onwards)

    If you are willing to contribute to write a clearer and more up to date instructions in order to build LibreOffice, please read that report first (continue by reading the other mails in the same thread):

    Rewriting this page is on my todo, wrt. all the same questions I receive via Twitter in this regard (I'm a CM of the Twitter account LibreOffice_FR), but we have work more urgent to do as part of the time I can devote to this project.


    Wget (talk) 2017-09-23T17:53:29 (UTC)

    One of the suggestions in that email to the dev list was to highlight disk usage.

    > "This requires 2.4GB of disk space - it's worth mentioning in the wiki before the command. (I discover later that this info is buried under "Details, Tips, Tricks and Hints" further down the page, but IMO it should be higher.)"

    Rather than emphasize it, all mentions of disk usage along with a section dedicated to it have now been entirely removed. I do not this is the right direction. Slacka (talk) 2019-01-06T18:12:51 (UTC)

    Please add instructions about updating the code to repositories changes

    Perhaps I'm quite a newby, but I'd suggest to add the commands to udpate cloned code to repository changes. A git pull is enough? Paolobenve (talk) 2017-11-04T12:46:22 (UTC)

    Commands to issue in order to recompile libreoffice after modifying the code

    Perhaps another newby request, but instructions lack about commands to issue in order to recompile the code: a single make is enough? has to be re-run again? Paolobenve (talk) 2017-11-04T12:49:10 (UTC)

    Installation of libreoffice with UI language packages

    I tried to create libreoffice plus a UI with the German (de) language pack in the first place. Using the suggested installation procedure from the website was not successful.

    If the following steps can be confirmed by others than me, the website should be updated.

    The following is valid, if you first run an installation without UI and help. First time it takes long. These steps are much faster. And one can play around a little bit with options etc.

    In the end, I was able to create the German UI as follows. I also found out how to install other languages I am interested in.

    I am using at the moment autogen.input as follows:

       --with-lang=de it fr

    This is, what works so far:

    1. Run ./


    2. Run make


    3. Run make build-l10n-only

       make build-l10n-only

    This takes the first time a relative long duration of time, due to the fact, that all languages are cloned.

    4. Make a copy of README_en-US at two locations and name them README_qtz as well as README_de etc. for each language. The two locations are:


    Without doing this sudo make install fails an tells README_qtz and README_de etc. are missing.

    This issue is something like a bug (in the procedure). Without this bug libreoffice could be installed automatically.

    5. Finally running sudo make install

       sudo make install

    results in


    with a German UI (and optional languages).

    As result, now I can see en-US as well as de and the other languages for the installed user interfaces in the libreoffice settings.

    Now I can use again libreoffice as expected. Balloon help is working as well as help over F1 works also as expected.

    It seems, that now also *.deb file are created in: