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Newer Ubuntu releases

It appears that the Natty instructions also apply to Oneric and Precise, is that true? --Bjherbison 2012-08-23T10:38:01 (CEST)

I guess not, as the commands in this section don't install git, and the first non-trivial command in how to build is git. Anyone know the correct setup for Precise? --Bjherbison 2012-08-23T10:38:01 (CEST)
Except for missing git the instructions appear to work. I updated the section to name the newer releases. --Bjherbison 2012-08-25T13:02:06 (CEST)

What to do with Junit?

The Natty instruction say "Get upstream Junit....", but don't say what to do with the file once you download it. Where should it be placed and what needs to be configured?

Answered in another forum, I added more details. --Bjherbison 2012-08-25T13:02:06 (CEST)

JUnit link broken

The link for JUnit v4.9 at github is not working anymore. I suggest to change to that is the new standard link to get JUnit, according to

Despite junit 4.11 is already available, I insisted on 4.9 link because hamcrest is still part of. Note: I did not edit cause I don't know if I should.