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A suggestion on merge of tabs and menu bar:

The tabs of the NotebookBar may correspond to menu bar entries. Then, it's possible to merge them, to allow more space saving while keeping menu available. It may be, say, by long-press on tab to bring the menu, or maybe a drop-down icon may be used next to tab name.

Notebookbar Outdated?

I notice that this page is marked outdated. I would assume from that message that I shouldn't update it with new information about the development of the Notebookbar. However, development is still ongoing. Starting with this commit, work has been done more recently on the Notebookbar. So, is the notebookbar still going to be worked on? If so, should the "outdated" message be removed and should this page be updated? Blendergeek (talk) 2016-04-09T15:13:54 (UTC)