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artwork listed as "will not be merged"

I think this is a bad choice, as you will always need it when building, and for the same reasons it is discussed not to be worthy to be merged, I'm all in favor of merging it:

  • changes very infrequently (thus no significant increase in history data, but even if it was: Does it matter whether you pull it into the one or into the other repository? So I don't understand the "only binaries" argument as supporting the idea to keeping it separate)
  • (mostly) only designers work on it. They have no use for git, be it a seperate repository or not. They don't need any history, the cannot use diffs on binaries anyway. A static tarball containing the content or just a webpage for browsing the icons is enough and better suited to satisfy them.

So my plea is to integrate it as well Cloph 2011-05-25T00:31:23 (CEST)

For record keeping:
* thorsten agrees with you (source ML)
* sweetshark farvored keeping artwork separate, but says it won't insist on it (source ML)
Shmget 2011-05-26T15:46:54 (CEST)
After discussion during a TSC call, the consensus is to merge artwork. main page changed accordingly Shmget 2011-05-29T19:57:30 (CEST)