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SF Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest replacing “the securities” with “a security”.
(2) Returns. Suggest replacing with the following – “Returns a positive real number which is the sum of the accrued interest in each coupon period from issue date until settlement date, expressed in the same currency units that were used for the security’s par value.”.
(3) Arguments, Rate. Delete “interest” after “coupon”. State that this can be entered as a percentage (e.g. “2.5%”) as well as a real number (e.g. “0.025”).
(4) Arguments, Frequency. I do not think the table, and the values therein, add anything and I would delete it.
(5) Arguments, Basis. I think the four “i.e.” clauses that have been added to the information in the table are confusing and I would delete them. However, I would include a link to Wikipedia’s “Day count convention” page.
(6) Arguments, 1st bullet. Suggest the following re-word for better grammar – “If any of Issue, FirstInterest, or Settlement are not valid dates then the function returns a value (#VALUE!) error.”. However, it might be worth clarifying that dates are just numbers (search for “date and time functions” in the Help) – for example, =ACCRINT(3,4,5,0.1,1500,2,4) does not give an error.
(7) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Insert “the” before “Issue”.
(8) Arguments, 4th bullet. Suggest the following re-word for better grammar – “If either Frequency or Basis is a non-integer value, then the function uses its floor value, i.e. it is truncated to an integer value.”.
(9) Arguments, 6th bullet. Change “ny” to “any”. I would remove the text in brackets as it does not really add anything.
(10) Additional details. Please delete the material in this section. Instead include a link to Wikipedia’s “Accrued interest” page and include a simple equation which is valid for our application. That equation should express that the accrued interest = (Rate * Par / Frequency) * (days of interest earned / days in payment period).
(11) Examples, general. Maybe include some examples which use the DATE function, enter dates as numbers and use the % format for the Rate argument.
(12) ODF standard. I think that we should reference the relevant chapter in the ODF but should state that we do not currently support either the calc_method argument or the monthly option for the frequency argument. Also (probably because of not supporting calc_method) we do not impose the restriction that first should lie between issue and settlement. Bug 100450 refers.
(13) Equivalent Excel functions. Is there some reason why we have not mentioned Excel’s ACCRINT function? (Note that Excel’s version DOES support the calc_method argument)
(14) Arguments, FirstInterest. I do not think that the current implementation uses this argument. It must be present but as long as Calc thinks it is a date, it does not complain. And, in all the cases I have tried, varying the value of this argument makes no difference to the value returned.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-11T16:45:11 (UTC)