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Wiki cleanup

Documentation team pages:

User documentation pages:

  • Organize drafts files in appropriate location (TBD, currently linked on Documentation/Wish List)
  • Consolidate documentation for old versions of LO (or OOo) separately from current documentation
    • In particular, how-tos and tutorials are a mess right now
  • Mark all documentation clearly for the version of LO (or OOo) targeted
    • In particular, how-tos and tutorials need to be labeled
  • Separate links to wiki content from links to third part content, or reorganize altogether (by app, etc.)
  • Collect links to stranded wiki pages under Documentation/Other Resources (provisionally)
  • Collect links to stranded files
    • Current files should go on pages for current documentation
    • Old files should go on archive pages

Wiki organization:


Hello, From my point of view, Documentation should be divided into 3 parts:

  • documentation for user: Guides, FAQ...
  • contribution to documentation: review Guides before publication...
  • documentation to development of the software: dev, l10n, QA...

It is the way chosen by the FR project, see Documentation/fr. Dev part is still missing on Documentation page.

--Jumbo444 (talk) 2017-08-28T11:56:04 (UTC)