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Please list here anything you would like to see provided. This includes updating existing documentation that is old or inadequate.

If you see something that you could help with, see Documentation/Development for instructions.

Wish list for user documentation


Currently some old drafts are hosted on this page. These need to be moved somewhere more appropriate, such as a new wiki page, or ODFAuthors.

User guides, tutorials, etc.

Guides and tutorials on topics aimed at intermediate and advanced users:

Documents aimed at specific audiences, e.g. technical writers, small business, university students:

Update old user guides for the current version of LibreOffice:

Other ideas:

  • Make user guides available in other formats
    • wiki format -- in progress
    • ePub format -- see EPUB


  • Finish the English version of the FAQs
  • Re-organize the Documentation wiki-pages structure

For Doc Team

  • A library of material to be used in more than one document. For example, some info on setup, customization, printing, and PDF export is used in guides for several components.


  • Training materials (may be done through another group in LibreOffice community?)

Wish List for Developer Documentation


This section needs to be updated.

  • Packaging (.deb, .rpm, .dmg, .pisi,...)
  • UNO/LibreOffice Object Model (objects, methods, properties) would help macro and LibreOffice developers alike.
    • A few diagrams of the object model hierarchy would help newcomers get started faster.  
  • Documentation on using Javascript for Extensions and Macros
  • Documentation on debugging macros/Extensions in Java, Python, Javascript. There is some info on the "how to debug" page existing (scroll to the end), but is is sparse and lacks images/examples to clarify.
  • Developer level workflow including git, running soffice with the debugger and when to build all/modules.  Developer FAQs for different phases of development.  (These probably belong in Development section).