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    SF comments

    (1) Arguments, third bullet point. Insert “is” before “less”.
    (2) Arguments. Suggest re-word fourth bullet as follows – “If Start is not specified, the default value 0 is used. If End is not specified, the default value 1 is used.”.
    (3) Arguments. Delete final bullet point – covered by the Syntax format.
    (4) Additional details. I am slightly uncomfortable with the Warning – where did it come from? As this function is defined in the ODFF, it has not been replaced within Calc.
    (5) Examples. It seems nugatory to re-state the text from the Summary section in the Description field for the first two examples. Should description for third example start with an upper-case letter, and should “so” be replaced by a comma?
    (6) General. Is it possible for the function to fail to find a value within the defined Start/End range? If so, what happens?

    --Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-05T22:13:29 (UTC)


    • For 4th point, as mentioned in BETADIST excel docs also follows same way for mentioning that newer function is available and otherwise there is no distinction between newer and older ones.
    • For 6th point, upto my knowledge I didn't see any case where all parameters qualify and function gives error or something unexpected. Given a value for probability, BETA.INV seeks that value x such that BETA.DIST(x, alpha, beta, TRUE, A, B) = probability. Thus there doesn't appear any unknown AFAIK.
    • All other points addressed