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SF Review Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest reword as “Shifts a number left by the specified number of bits.”
(2) Arguments. As a general point, should we gather information about errors arising from incorrect arguments into this section? (Rather then putting them into the Additional details or other sections)
(3) Arguments. I would prefer the expansion of 2^48 to use comma separators rather then spaces.
(4) Arguments. How does the function handle positive real numbers that are not integers (e.g. 6.123)?
(5) Arguments. Is Shift intended to be an integer? What happens if you enter a non-integer real value?
(6) Returns. Do we expect the value returned to be a positive integer? What would =BITLSHIFT(2^48-1, 1) return?
(7) Additional details. The grammar of the 2nd bullet needs tightening up.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-07T14:33:06 (UTC)


  • Additional details: Why add "for example" ? drop it and leave to the Example section;