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SF Review comments

(1) This page needs further work. (I acknowledge that the Help page for this function could probably do with improvement too)
(2) Summary. Please update to clarify what the function actually does. It converts between Euros and legacy currencies of various European nations, using conversion factors defined in a configuration file.
(3) Returns. What is written here does not make grammatical sense. Also please remove references to “measurements”. Also recognise that the result need not be negative.
(4) Arguments. Please re-word as above comments and correct grammar (“is a string to mention” is not correct). Also mention that one of the text parameters should be “EUR”. Also recognise that the Value parameter need not be negative.
(5) Additional details. Please list the set of currencies that are recognised, as listed in the configuration file main.xcd.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-26T12:40:11 (UTC)