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SF comments

(1) Returns. I do not think that this function counts alphanumeric entries. It seems to count empty arguments, non-reference arguments and any referenced cells that are non-blank. Is that your interpretation?
(2) Arguments, bullet point. If the function counts as per previous comment, then it would probably be easier to say that.
(3) Additional details, second bullet. Change “number that satisfies” to “numbers that satisfy”.
(4) Additional details. Maybe mention COUNT function, in the same way that COUNT function mentions COUNTA?
(5) Examples, third example. Is “6+2” really a “logical representation”?
(6) Examples, fourth example. Should the description read “The functions counts empty arguments”?
(7) Examples, final example. Suggest alternative text for Description – “The function counts error values as well as text, but not empty cells”
(8) Related LibreOffice functions. Since COUNTIF and COUNTIFS are mentioned in the Additional details section, should they be linked here as well?
(9) Related LibreOffice functions. Is COUNTBLANKS also related?
(10) Related LibreOffice functions. It is not obvious to me why ISBLANK is listed here. Why here and not on COUNT’s page?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-13T19:09:03 (UTC)