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SF comments

(1) Summary. A bit terse – maybe add something like “in a specified range of cells”.
(2) Returns. Presumably, the value returned is a non-negative integer.
(3) Arguments. Not clear as written – I do not think it is a “reference to the cell containing the list of cells”. Range may be a reference to a single cell, or a reference to a list of cells. What happens if you pass something other than cell references?
(4) Additional details. No sure why this needs to be a bullet point. Also, I am not sure that it does count cells that contain “”.
(5) Examples, second example. In Formula column, change “contains” to “contain”. In Description column, change “value” to “values” and “number” to “numbers”.
(6) Related LibreOffice functions. Is COUNTIFS not considered to be relevant?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-14T12:39:23 (UTC)