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    SF Comments

    (1) Summary. Is the following an improvement? “Calculates the latest coupon date falling before or on the settlement date and returns the number of days between that coupon date and the settlement date.”.
    (2) Returns. Suggest the following re-word – “Returns a non-negative integer which is the count of days from the previous coupon date until the settlement date”.
    (3) Arguments, Settlement. Suggest replacing “date at which the interest accrued up until then is to be calculated” with “settlement date”.
    (4) Arguments, Maturity. Suggest replacing “date on which the security matures (expires)” with “maturity date”.
    (5) Arguments, Frequency. I see no value in the table and would delete it.
    (6) Arguments, Basis. I would include a link to Wikipedia’s “Day count convention” page.
    (7) Arguments, 1st bullet. Suggest the following re-word for better grammar – “If either of Settlement or Maturity is not a valid date then the function returns a value (#VALUE!) error.”. However, may be worth mentioning that dates are essentially just numbers (search for "date and time functions" in the Help).
    (8) Arguments, 2nd bullet. Insert “the” before “Settlement”.
    (9) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Suggest the following re-word for better grammar – “If either Frequency or Basis is a non-integer value, then the function uses its floor value, i.e. it is truncated to an integer value.”.
    (10) Arguments, 5th bullet. Change “ny” to “any”. I would remove the text in brackets as it does not really add anything.
    (11) Additional details. Might be worth stating that the function calculates back from the maturity date to find the required coupon date.
    (12) Examples, 1st and 2nd examples. I do not recall using the term “daily balance interest calculation” in the previously reviewed financial functions. Perhaps we should use “day count convention”, which seems to be a commonly used term.
    (13) Examples, 4th example. Insert “the” before “Settlement”.
    (14) Examples, general. Maybe include some examples which use the DATE function, enter dates as numbers and use the % format for the Rate argument.

    --Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-13T10:29:50 (UTC)

    LV Comments

    Updated the page based on SF comments.