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SF Review Comments

(1) Arguments, first paragraph. Missing space after first comma.
(2) Arguments. Would references to “Number” normally be bold?
(3) Arguments, second paragraph. Instead of “csch value is +/-∞”, would “the csch value is undefined” be better?
(4) Additional details, first paragraph. Suggest change “its inverse of hyperbolic sine” to “the inverse of its hyperbolic sine”.
(5) Additional details. No need to abbreviate so change “Fig.” to “figure”.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-13T21:48:56 (UTC)


  • Same as inCSC, add the math expression of CSCH as (e.g.) csch(x) = 1 / sinh(x)

--Olivier Hallot 2020-09-14T21:24:45 (UTC)


All comments handled

--RonnieGandhi (talk) 2020-09-15T6:40:41 (UTC)