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SF Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest replacing with “Calculates the future value at the end of the term, of a lump sum payment at the start of the term and a payment being made each period for a number of periods, at fixed rate interest, compounded each period.”
(2) Returns. Suggest replacing with “Returns a real number (in the same currency unit as other relevant arguments) which is the future value of an investment for the given arguments.”. Is it also worth mentioning that the result is by default formatted as a currency?
(3) Arguments, Rate. Presumably expressed as either a percentage or a real value?
(4) Arguments, Nper. Delete “the payment period with”. Insert “payment” before “periods”. Delete “also”. Delete “(payment period)”.
(5) Arguments, Pmt. Change “annuity paid regularly per period” to “payment per period”.
(6) Arguments, PV. Change “(present) cash value of an investment” to “present value of the investment”.
(7) Arguments, bullet point. Please review - I think that any of these values can be either positive or negative, depending on accounting convention.
(8) Additional details. Please include a link to Wikipedia’s page entitled “Future value”.
(9) Additional details. Please use the formula specified in ODF Section 6.12.41 but rearrange it as we are solving for FV.
(10) Examples, general. These need some work – the first one looks as if it has not been proof-read at all by its author. Type does not specify that you calculate values at the beginning or end of an investment as these descriptions state. We should show some negative values as payments, which will give positive FVs. Consult and adapt the examples at

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-18T15:36:59 (UTC)