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SF Comments

(1) General. I am not convinced that general references to the “Gamma function” need to start with an uppercase letter. (Consistency – currently some references use lowercase while some use uppercase)
(2) Summary. A bit terse. Possible alternative – “Calculates the value of the gamma function for a specified real number. In mathematics, the gamma function is an extension to the factorial function, which is only defined for the non-negative integers”.
(3) Summary. I know that the note is contained in the help description of this function, but it strikes me as odd (even if not technically wrong) and irrelevant. How would you feel about excluding it from the wiki page?
(4) Returns. As shown by the examples given lower down the page, this statement is clearly not true!
(5) Arguments. What happens if you pass something that is not a real number?
(6) Additional details. Perhaps worth including a link to the gamma function page on Wikipedia.
(7) Additional details. I am concerned that the GAMMA function may not be completely defined by the first equation that you give. According to various internet sources, this equation only applies for N > 0. Also, I would prefer this equation not the use “N” because, in my experience, N is often used to indicate integers. (I know that the ODF and Microsoft use N)
(8) Additional details. Please check the second equation – should “N *” be changed to “(N - 1) *”? Also, I suspect that it is not valid for non-positive integers.
(9) Examples, first three. Insert “the” before “gamma” (three occurrences).
(10) Examples, final two bullets. Insert “an” before “error”.
(11) Related LibreOffice functions. I am not convinced that the first four of these functions need to be listed as related to the gamma function.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-21T19:27:34 (UTC)


all points except 7 and 8 addressed. For 7 and 8 I have kept the equations but made necessary changes. --Ronnie rg8888 (talk) 2020-11-15T19:53:10 (UTC)