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SF Comments

(1) Summary. A bit confusing for me as currently written. Suggest the following reword – “Calculates the equivalent un-compounded interest rate that would have to be paid on a zero-coupon security (or other item) purchased at an investment value and sold at a redemption value.”.
(2) Syntax. Update to match help page – Basis is an optional parameter.
(3) Returns. Insert “equivalent annual” before “interest”. Also, change “of fully vested security with” to “for”. Also need to explain that the returned value is a percentage interest rate expressed as a decimal number.
(4) Arguments, Settlement. Change “date at which the interest accrued up until then is to be calculated” to “purchase date”.
(5) Arguments, Maturity. Change “security matures (expires)” to “item was sold”.
(6) Arguments, Redemption. Change “redemption value of the security per 100 currency units of par value” to “amount received for the item”.
(7) Arguments, Basis. Please update to address comments on other instances of this argument.
(8) Arguments, 2nd bullet. Change “an” to “a”. Insert space before open round bracket.
(9) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Insert “the” before “Settlement”. I think it also returns an error if the two are equal.
(10) Arguments, 5th bullet. Change “ny” to “any”. I would remove the text in brackets as it does not really add anything.
(11) Examples, 1st examples. Change “The basis is daily balance calculation (basis = 3)” to “Day count convention (Basis) 3 is used”. Change “average annual level of interest” to “equivalent annual interest rate”.
(12) Examples, 2nd example. Change “The basis is daily balance calculation (basis = 0 by default)” to “Day count convention (Basis) 0 is used by default”. Change “average annual level of interest” to “equivalent annual interest rate”.
(13) Example, 4th example. The formula given is the same as that used in the 1st example and does not give an error. Also, insert “the” before “Settlement”.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-19T10:38:41 (UTC)