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SF Comments

(1) General. Please describe the behaviour when the second parameter is an array and include an example of this case.
(2) Summary. Add “of numbers”.
(3) Returns. Presumably, a real number or an array of real numbers will be returned (I assume that the cells specified by the Data argument can contain real values)?
(4) Arguments. What happens if any cells in Data do not contain numbers? What happens if RankC contains any non-numeric values or any in-range real values?
(5) Examples. It would be useful to include examples showing the arguments as lists of values within curly braces.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-24T10:59:17 (UTC)


All points addressed.

--Ronnie rg8888 (talk) 2020-11-21T11:47:33 (UTC)