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SF Comments

(1) Syntax. Please correct syntax to match help file – Mean and StDev are optional arguments.
(2) Returns. I suspect that the value returned is always positive – please check.
(3) Arguments, general. For consistency, suggest change “standard logarithmic” to “log-normal” (three occurrences).
(4) Arguments, 1st bullet. Insert “or” before “equal” (two occurrences).
(5) Arguments, general. No mention of handling non-numeric arguments. Do not forget to mention the default values for optional arguments.
(6) Additional details. Insert “if” after “that”. Also is it worth referencing the log-normal Wikipedia page?
(7) Examples, 1st example. “inverse” spelt incorrectly.
(8) Examples, 2nd and 3rd examples. Insert “or” before “equal” (two occurrences).

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-24T22:02:10 (UTC)