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SF Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest the following replacement text – “Calculates the number of payment periods for an investment, based on a constant payment and a constant interest rate for each period”.
(2) Returns. Change “investment with specified parameters” to “an investment with the specified arguments”.
(3) Arguments, Rate. Insert “decimal” before “fraction”. Change “periodic interest rate” to “the constant interest rate per period”.
(4) Arguments, Pmt. Change “annuity paid in each period” to “payment per period”.
(5) Arguments, PV. Change “present cash value in a sequence of payments” to “present value of the investment. “
(6) Arguments, FV. Change “desired value (future value) at the end of the periods” to “future value of the cash balance paid at the end of the term”.
(8) Arguments, Type. Change “Type is” to “Type indicates whether”. Insert “is” before “at the”. In the table, change “Maturity Date” heading to “Due Date”.
(9) Arguments, 2nd bullet. I believe that this statement is incorrect. The logic seems to be that if omitted or equal to 0, then it’s “due at the end”. Otherwise it’s “due at the beginning”. Try it to check.
(10) Examples. I suggest the following re-word for the Description field of the 1st example – “The function calculates how many payment periods are needed with a periodic interest rate of 6%, a periodic payment of 153.75 currency units, a present value of 2,600 currency units, a future value of 1 currency unit, and the due date being at the end of the period.”. Please re-word the 2nd and 3rd examples in a similar way.
(11) Examples. I think some explanation is needed about why a number of periods is given as negative. And it might be worth having the odd positive example! Are any error examples needed?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-20T19:47:14 (UTC)