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    SF Comments

    (1) Summary. Suggest deleting “S” after “process”. Also, suggest deleting “(in Additional details section)”.
    (2) Returns. Suggest deleting “S” after “process”. Suggest replacing “parametric conditions” with “arguments”.
    (3) Arguments, general. For the arguments Spot; Volatility; Maturity; Lower Barrier; and Upper Barrier, please update to match the corresponding arguments on the OPT_BARRIER page.
    (4) Arguments, Drift. Suggest deleting “(µ in the above formula)”. The value can be entered as a percentage or a decimal fraction.
    (5) Additional details. “Options” should be singular. “model” shown be part of the link. The formula given is that for a stochastic differential equation; it is not the formula for OPT_PROB_HIT.
    (6) Examples. Delete “S” after “process”. Delete “(in Additional details section)”.

    --Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-22T13:01:34 (UTC)