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SF comments

(1) Returns. Please insert spaces after commas and insert a comma after “Count1”.
(2) Arguments, 2nd bullet. Would it be simpler to write “Non-integer values of Count1 or Count2 are truncated to integers”?
(3) Additional details, 1st bullet. Would it be possible to present the formula in the same way as the formula for PERMUT was presented?
(4) Additional details, 2nd bullet. Insert “a” before “value” and “the” before “above”. Should Count1 and Count2 be in bold?
(5) Additional details, general. Is it worth including a link to the relevant Wikipedia page?
(6) Examples. Suggest insert space before “(floor value…” in 2nd example. In example 3, “Can not” would usually be written as “Cannot”. In 3rd example, insert “a” before “negative”.
(7) Related LibreOffice functions. Delete link to PERMUTATIONA (this page!).

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-01T13:47:06 (UTC)