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SF Review comments

(1) Summary. The note is unnecessary.
(2) Arguments, first paragraph. Text “(required)” is not necessary as it is implied by the Syntax.
(3) Arguments, second paragraph. Change “that” to “those”.
(4) Arguments. third paragraph. This is repetition and could be deleted.
(5) Examples. Do we need an example for which RAWSUBTRACT gives a non-zero value, while using the minus operator gives 0?
(6) Related LibreOffice functions. Why is SUM listed here?
(7) General. I was originally confused as to what was meant by “without eliminating roundoff errors”. I now understand more because the description of this function in the 5.2 Release Notes is very enlightening. Could we perhaps consider adding some clarification to the wiki page?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-26T18:43:16 (UTC)