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    SF Review comments

    (1) General. Notwithstanding the name of this function, I am confused by some of the statements on this page (and in the Help). As I understand it, this function always rounds towards zero. So, it rounds positive numbers down and negative numbers up? Or am I misunderstanding something? If I am correct, we need to clarify all statements on this page that talk about rounding down.
    (2) Arguments, 1st paragraph. Insert “number of” before “decimal places”.
    (3) Arguments. What does the function do if you enter a non-integer value for Count?
    (4) Examples. Obviously, the examples include mentions of rounding down - see comment above. However, the fourth example states that the function is rounding down away from 0. Very confusing.

    --Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-26T19:09:43 (UTC)Timestamp