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SF Review comments

(1) Arguments. Text “Coefficients is real number or a reference to the cell containing that number which is a series of coefficients.” does not make sense. How can a real number be a series of coefficients?
(2) Arguments, 1st bullet point. What does “This function is predominately used” mean?
(3) Arguments, 2nd bullet point. Changes “needs” to “need”. Why is the error value not given (when it is in the third bullet point)?
(4) Arguments, 3rd bullet point. Change “value error” to “error value”.
(5) Additional details. Could we use Math to create a “prettier” form of this formula?
(6) Examples. Please can you re-check all these examples. Certainly, the 1st is wrong. Why are we specifying five values to put in the four cells A4:A7?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-27T09:36:10 (UTC)