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SF Comments

(1) Summary. Suggest changing “any parameters” to “an argument”.
(2) Syntax. The Reference argument should be surrounded by square brackets to indicate that it is optional.
(3) Returns. Suggest replacing with – “Returns a positive integer in the range 1 to 10000, which is the total number of sheets for the given argument.”.
(4) Arguments, Reference. Perhaps replace with – “Reference is a reference to a cell or a cell range, or the name of a named range or a database range.
(5) Arguments, general. How does the function behave if the argument is a named range that contains multiple areas?
(6) Additional details, 1st bullet. Suggest minor re-word as – “Hidden sheets are included when determining the number of sheets”.
(7) Examples, general. Please include an example with a single cell reference such as =SHEETS($Sales.C4).
(8) Examples, 1st example. Suggest adding the following after the formula – “where Sheet2 follows Sheet1, and Sheet3 follows Sheet 2”.
(9) Examples, 2nd example. Maybe re-word Description as – “Since there is no argument supplied, the function counts all sheets in the document”.
(10) Examples, 3rd example. Suggest adding the following in the Formula column – “and Sheet2 follows Sheet 1”. Delete the second sentence of the Description because it adds no value.
(11) Related LibreOffice functions. The ODF considers SHEET() to be related too.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-12-23T12:03:42 (UTC)