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SF comments

(1) Summary. Suggest replacing with the following – “Calculates the skewness of a distribution using a sample set of numbers. Skewness is a measure of the asymmetry of a distribution about its mean.”.
(2) Syntax. Please update to match the syntax specified on the Help page.
(3) Returns. Suggest replacing with – “Returns a real number which is the skewness of a distribution estimated using the specified sample of numbers”.
(4) Arguments, 1st bullet. Why use text “three” and digit “3” in one sentence? Change “arguments” to “values”. Insert space before open round bracket.
(5) Arguments, 2nd bullet. I am not sure I fully understand the two error conditions described here. Perhaps separate them into two bullets? Also, please insert spaces before round brackets such as those used here.
(6) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Suggest deleting “name/array/reference to a”. Are you sure that the logical values TRUE and FALSE are ignored?
(7) Arguments, 4th bullet. Change “has” to “contains” and “considers” to “includes”.
(8) Additional details, text after formula. By “expectation value” do you mean the “mean of the specified set of numbers”; if so, perhaps say that? By “standard deviation estimate” do you mean the “standard deviation of the specified set of numbers”?
(9) Additional details, 2nd bullet. Change “SKEW” to “skewness”.
(10) Examples, 2nd example. Change “as a reference to the cell” to “as a cell range”.
(11) Examples, 3rd example. Change “arguments are available” to “values are specified”. Also, when I entered this formula into Calc, I got a #DIV/0! error which is different from the predicted return in this case and is also inconsistent with the relevant note in the Arguments section.
(12) Related LibreOffice functions. Why is Kurt referenced here?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-04T20:51:56 (UTC)