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SF comments

(1) General. Although they are not the same, this page should have a reasonable level of commonality with that for the SKEW function. Please update this page to reflect relevant comments raised on the SKEW page.
(2) General. Are you sure that this function returns 0 when you pass it only two values? For me, =SKEWP(3;4) gives #DIV/0!
(3) General. Looking at the equation, I presume if you provide lots of data values which are all the same, then a zero standard deviation would be calculated and that would obviously cause a problem. I think this gives an error 502 and might be mentioned somewhere.
(4) Related LibreOffice functions. Presumably SKEW should be mentioned here, rather than SKEWP.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-04T21:07:50 (UTC)