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SF comments

(1) Summary. Suggest replacing with the following slightly simpler text – “Calculates the slope of the linear regression line using the specified (x, y) points.”.
(2) Arguments, DataY and DataX. Is a matrix different from an array in this context?
(3) Arguments, 1st bullet. It would be worth clarifying what the text “Numbers can also be entered directly” refers to.
(4) Arguments, 2nd bullet. As with other functions where similar text occurs, I am not sure whether “a name/array/reference to” is necessary or not. Also, are we sure that logical values like TRUE and FALSE are ignored?
(5) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Change “has” to “contains” and “considers” to “includes”.
(6) Arguments, 4th bullet. Suggest re-word as – “If DataX and DataY have different dimensions, then the function returns an error value”.
(7) Additional details. Why is the left part of the equation on the left of the page, while the right part of the equation is in the centre of the page?
(8) Additional details, final bullet. Change “SLOPE” to “the slope of a linear regression line”.
(9) Examples, 1st example. There is an error in this formula – second argument should be “B1:B6”.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-11-05T11:04:55 (UTC)