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(Please leave your comments below and don't forget to sign with your name. This is where we can discuss this initial phase until we can agree on an any other form of note taking. Use the following code (4 tilde signs -- you can copy/paste if you want)


For example when I add 4 tildes I get Marc Pare 2012-09-13T07:44:03 (CEST) . OR, of course, click on the icon in the menu "Signature and timestamp".

Excellent start! We have a team of 5 co-coordinators and 6 moderators, and, we haven't really started asking for moderators from the community. It looks like we will have a strong start. This is a big step for the TDF/LibreOffice and an emotional one -- we should all be patient with people when they let us know of their opinions. Thanks to everyone for helping out. --Marc Pare 2012-09-13T08:33:14 (CEST)

  • I moved/merged the To-Do list on the planning page. After I re-read it, it just made more sense to put it there. --Marc Pare 2012-09-13T10:00:27 (CEST)

Finally getting through the emails, I think we need a very welll defined to-do list at the beginning of the page, comprehensive that has a list of every single thing. Then we can "assign" them to ourselves, also this would be a good place for our first meeting to be about. A solid time frame for completion also should probably be discussed with measureable markers to make sure we're all keeping up with things. Also, I think for things that are done, when they are complete, we should put (done) next to the item. One of these now I think is getting the team of coordinators together, if we add more, I think things will just get overly complicated. This is exciting, and I agree that it's going to take a lot of patience but at the end, it'll pay off with happy users :) --Jmadero 2012-09-16T20:20:04 (CEST)