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    LibreOffice and TDF need some form of interactive website to to realize the promise of open source development of software that will meet all user's needs. Both feature requests and flaw/bug cluster fixes may fall short or fall into fix/break cycles if users and developers can not clearly agree on what the software needs to do. As a case in point, word and character counting has been almost completely missing for a long time, but it is not clear to dev what is the full superset of requirements that contains the necessary yet not identical sets desired by different user groups. From reading OOo bug reports and requests there are seemingly conflicting requirements as well. Dev needs user help in sorting out what must be a user option to get everyone happy at the same time ; dev also needs guidance to ensure that no user group's basic requirements are left out. A stack of separate bug reports or feature requests require dev analysis of user requirements that could be done more accurately by the users themselves.

    If the SilverStripe site does not come up soon please consider developing the TDF Wiki as a stand-in for the eventual Drupal site (unless of course you don't expect the TDF server to be able handle the load). In an ideal world the organic groups of Translators and Editors and Journalists and Academics would all weigh in with their requirements to the FeatureProject/Counting section and dev would design something that covers the whole entire set. I am in process of trying to pass on the requirements analysis through the Wiki to the communities (TDF+user groups) that actually live those requirements. At first for the right reasons at top and just above, I find myself trying to 'get out of the way' of this part of Counting in order to be more effective in development as well (I have a lot to learn about the code base and more...) -- LeMoyne



    The Drupal site is progressing at a breakneck pace at the moment. We will see all of this functionality within this site build.

    The SilverStripe site will be launched very soon, the guys are making great progress on it, however it is still largely a static site with the ability for login and page creation. Not the type of dynamic community interaction you are referring to.

    There is not a lot of build info on Silverstripe on the wiki as it is largely a collaboration of very few. The Drupal Development, as you can see is being done in a very collaborative way, trying to assess ALL of the communities requirements. We are making more progress than you think. I would expect us to come in well within the 6 month time frame, possibly even with 2 months.

    Thanks for the input -- Wheatbix