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After completing the Spanish translation for this page (Website/Web Sites services/es ), I'm trying to enable the "language bar" on top of it but links on this bar goes wrong (point to Website/xx, not to Website/Web_Sites_services/xx). Language bar works perfectly on the Spanish translation, though... (and on Website/Web Sites services/zh-hans...) No idea what I'm doing wrong... --RGB.ES 2010-12-20T23:27:02 (CET) Figured it out. It's ok now. --RGB.ES 2010-12-20T23:43:54 (CET)

Groups on dead?

Hello @ll,
could it be, that both groups on (tdf as well as libreoffice) are dead? On both, I only get
Cannot GET /group/$groupname
... :( Can someone have a look at it, please?
(found with Firefox 28.0a1 (2013-11-27) on Debian Testing AMD64)