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General Comments

@Nnino: Thank you for completing Tooltipp box! -- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-08-20T08:29:52 (CEST)

How to improve

Additoinal Component field

Presentation and Craw share mcu functionality, so that bugs might be for Presentation OR Drawing. Example: tdf#37654 / tdf#40239 Currently typical use uf the tempate loks likt this: {{Template:FdoSCS2|Drawing|FILEOPEN}}. May be we can improve functionality for a use like this: {{Template:FdoSCS2|Drawing|Presentation|FILEOPEN}}. The additional variable field can be used for an additional Component "Presentation", if it is empty, it should be ignored. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-08-20T08:29:52 (CEST)