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The parallel installation does a full extraction of the contents of the installation file, as the installation doesn't provide you with the options to customize the installation. As a result, ~500mb is taken up by language localization files that are most likely not needed by user. So if you wish to recover this wasted space, you can remove the folder "<installed>\readmes", "<installed>\fonts", and "<installed>\Win" OR "<installed>\Windows". You can also remove the .msi file found in "<installed>\". The redundant language localizations files can be found in "<installed>\program\resources", "<installed>\share\registry\res", and "<installed>\share\extensions", but only delete the ones that are not for the language you run LibreOffice in. There is also an easy batch script that can be run in "<installed>\" which will do this work for you. This batch script can also be used for cleaning up installations done with the Server Install GUI.