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How to show "第47周" instead of "Week 47"

"周:47" is not good Chinese. The best way to say it is "第47周” (= week number 47). What should we do to show "第47周"? Maybe we need two variables, one for the string before "47", and another one after "47"? Suokunlong (talk) 2014-08-16T16:22:30 (UTC)

Hi Kevin,
  1. Don't forget to sign your comments ;-)
  2. yeah, I guess you're right (sadly as this construction is already very complex...)
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-08-16T16:18:35 (UTC)
  1. I think this construction will be more simple, if we use array to pass vaiables. The array extention can do this:
  2. Is it possible to put all the other "release‎", "publishing", "freeze‎‎"... strings in one template?
Suokunlong (talk) 2014-08-17T02:33:26 (UTC)