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    Sem problemas. Por que o comentário em inglês e não em português? rs

    ReleaseNotes 4.4

    Hi Fitoschido,

    why did you marked the Coverity results for elaboration here? The data was published by Coverity themselves in their reports (see the raw data ods upload with links to the PDFs after registration).


    Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-10-03T19:41:39 (UTC)

    I thought it was obvious, but you (or somebody else) could have stated that on the ReleaseNotes page, for example. Or anything else. But please don't leave just a short, single sentence to describe a change, because that has little meaning. (One could wonder: what's Coverity at all?) That's what I mean with "Elaborate". --Fitoschido (talk) 2014-10-04T14:12:35 (UTC)
    Ahh, I understand.I have simply copy and pasted the text from the release notes 4.2 page. Wel good idea: let us improve it. ;-) Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-10-04T21:52:17 (UTC)

    duplicated files


    I have deleted all other duplicated files. Just FYI: Special:ListDuplicatedFiles lists normally all files, so you do not have to search them. ;-)


    Dennis Roczek (talk) 2015-11-21T16:36:45 (UTC)

    In fact I used that special page to detect the files. Thanks! —Fitoschido (talk) 2015-11-21T16:49:39 (UTC)

    On this edit

    Hi Fitoschido, thanks for working on the Language Support of LibreOffice wiki page. I just wonder, why you set the User Interface in Asturian to "No". I understand from your comment that it is not maintained at the moment, but you can still download the UI with the most recent version: Hence, I would mark it as "Yes" again, but add a note that it looks for a maintainer. What do you think? GerryT 2016-02-07T22:11:xx (UTC)

    Hi, Gerry: Yeah, that’s a great idea. Please go ahead and proceed as you said :-). I didn’t have a strong rationale for changing it to “no”, besides it being a way to call attention on the lack of maintenance to the Asturian locale. Thanks! —Fitoschido (talk) 2016-02-08T00:06:19 (UTC)